William Verster


Gauteng, South Africa

Contact Information

Phone: +27 82 793 5641
Quantum-Touch is an effective way of helping others to heal themselves; it marries my personal Spiritual & Divine belief system of restoring wholeness & wellness in others from a place of compassion, in person or at a distance. Quantum-Touch can be applied to every physical & emotional situation or dis-ease.

Whilst there is a place for modern-day medicine, I believe that prescribed chemicals and drugs are generally more harmful than beneficial to both Humans and animals. There are many non-invasive energy modalities which often produce miraculous and sometimes instant results.

I am a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and have also studied and practiced other energy modalities, including Matrix Energetics, Reconnective Healing, Now Healing and Qigong to name a few. With an array of acquired skills, I have developed a uniquely enhanced ability to discern and assist both People and Animals to heal themselves.

Quantum-Touch is a remarkably powerful and fast-acting way of restoring wholeness & wellness.

I offer the following for both Humans & Animals

  • In person sessions
  • Distance sessions