Ivana McNeil

Quantum Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer


Orlando, Florida, 32825, United States

Contact Information

Phone: (269) 267-2382
Email: ivanamcneil@gmail.com
Hi, my name is Ivana McNeil and I am a Quantum Touch practitioner, private yoga instructor, reiki master and teacher. I am vegan and I am raising a vegan family. We are all connected, we are all one. All of our decisions should be made with enlightenment with the Earth and Universe, always for highest good of everything, everyone and yourself. I can do sessions in my house by person or I can do long distance sessions, which I have had amazing experiences with. I am working with anybody anywhere. Everything is energy.

I have a beautiful 13 year old Shih-Tzu Malina that I have been running energy through for many years. She is super healthy and vegan too! I have had really great experiences with pet Reiki both in person and distance healing.