Jason Mark Glasson

Heart Song Mentor


Murwillumbah, New South Wales, 2484, Australia

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I love that you're reading this and I hope we can connect in some form.

You can read all about my journey at

In brief - nearly 10 years in robes as a Buddhist monk (Theravada Thai Forest tradition, in Australia) and qualifications as a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach (through Robbins-Madanes training) and QT Practitioner mean I can really 'get' you, where you are at and where you would like to move forward.

QT has been an amazing journey, and is the 'power' that supports my own modality - Integrative Flow. Integrative Flow was born on my walking meditation path many years ago when I was still in the robes. Due to my own need for physical and emotional wellbeing the spontaneous urge would come to me to touch, say, my arm. Then my arm under my fingers would soften and relax, feelings of great well-being and ease would come over me, my breath would flow past my nose and I would feel sensations of ease in other parts of my body as well. Over a number of years this has evolved into the offering I present here:

I am clair-sentient - I feel with my body (and my heart), it becomes like one big instrument for tuning into the client. With my hands that soften tight and contracted muscles with only light (or no) touch, strong energy sensing and clearing abilities and the power of QT I can offer an experience different to perhaps any other.

If you'd like to make a shift in your life, to release old and stuck patterns and open to new understandings, new possibilities of movement and a new awareness of your body please get in touch.

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Come and explore what may be.

Yours in love,