Dennis Barnett


West Kelowna
British Columbia, V1Z 2R1, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: 250-826-2788

   Certified Quantum-Touch® Level I, Level II and Self Created Health Instructor and Practitioner


   Dennis was born in Penticton B.C. in the Okanagan Valley and grew up, from the age of four, on an isolated ranch in southern Saskatchewan. Now after a lifetime of journeying he has returned to the Valley of his birth.

Some of his earliest memories are of sitting inside ancient stone tipi rings, watching a red tailed hawk circling above and feeling the energy of the earth, the stones, the memory of the old ones and feeling connected to and being one with everything. He often jokes that everything he knows about people he learned from horses, but this is actually not far from the truth. From those early memories grew a lifelong fascination with energy and its role in our lives.

Also, he didn’t know that his youthful fascination for the tipi rings was a prelude to lifelong learning which would manifest in many ways from participating in many ceremonies and sweats to receiving a name in an amazing ceremony or having a Native American flute being gifted to him after wanting one for twenty years. He says “My final nudge to begin my life’s calling came from a Blackfoot Elder who said “When are you going to get on with it? You are a healer and need to stop denying it”.

Shortly after that Quantum-Touch® entered his life and he went on to be one of the first six Certified Instructors in Canada and has since gone on to be one of the small group of Certified Level II and Self Created Health Instructors.

Dennis is an Energy Healer and Teacher who has a deep background and grounding in nature and this shows in his heartfelt and centred practice and teaching. Dennis says “Quantum-Touch was the doorway through which I entered the world of Complimentary Medicine and Natural Healing and is still the “Go To” modality in my toolbox of healing skills. I love the elegant simplicity of it as I watch the bodies of clients shift and change before my eyes. My passion is teaching these skills to others and seeing the awareness of possibilities come over their being. They begin to see that all probabilities and possibilities exist simultaneously and this work can bring meaningful and lasting change to themselves, their loved ones and clients. It is my joy to facilitate this for them!”

As well as teaching workshops throughout Canada, Dennis has a private practice in Kelowna BC. Dennis has been assisting clients, using distance healing and in person sessions, with injuries, aging issues, traumas (both physical and emotional) and life coaching since 2005. He has since expanded his work with other healing modalities that include the adjustment of The Human Assemblage Point, Craniosacral Therapy, Color Light Therapy, Dowsing and much more.

Dennis specializes in creating health through revealing and dealing with the underlying causes of the physical and emotional issues that arise for an individual. Through wisdom and intuition, Dennis works with and supports each client with care to arrive at an understanding of what the body and the illness is showing / revealing for the client; then provides the therapy / therapies that facilitate a “full” state of health. “I treat clients from young to the elderly with a variety of conditions from misalignment of hips, relieving chronic pain, alleviating stress and emotional trauma as well as removal of "negativity" in your being, life and or home. I enjoy doing both local/hands-on treatments as well as distance healing methods. I look forward to seeing you in a workshop, in my office or on Skype”.

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