Tatyana Vlachos


Newbury park, Ventura county, California, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 805-405-2790
Tatyana was a civil engineer back in Ukraine. She was working as Nurse assistant in Hospice for many years in USA. She discovered her ability after taking Quantum touch classes, eventually getting Practitioner certificate .  It takes Tatyana only couple of minutes of light touch and people hips aligned by themselves . Spines bent by scoliosis got straighter after a few sessions, arthritis pain greatly diminished , allergies, digestive disorders gone or got better .   Since then she took several modalities training and self-learning: The Wonder method ( level 1 , level 2 and instructor certifications,  dr.Kam Yen method, EFT, AWE( accelerated well-being experience certification), body emotion code, Q-Rak cultivation, Hawaiian Ho'oponopono. She also give sessions remotely by Skype and was granted permission to operate Crystal Lights bed of the John of God.