Ana M Guo

Quantum-Touch Practitioner | Qigong & Feng shui Master | NGH Certified Hypnotherapist


Los Angeles 洛杉矶, California, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 626-226-9056
Alt. Phone: 17089762991

Experienced and powerful healer, practicing Fengshui design for health, energy (Qigong)-healing, medically intuitive, personal emotional counseling. Experienced with diabetes, uremia, end-stage cancer and ADHD children. Quickly investigate the deeper cause of the affliction of the client symptoms related with emotion and organs.  Also implement own proprietary powerful healing techniques, such as Qigong, Chinese yin and yang, visualization, subconscious and chakra-therapy, special diets and herbal advice.  Use psychological, emotional and mental approach for client’s healing.

Chronic fatigue, Headache, Arthritis, Joint pain, Sciatica, Rheumatic, Tenosynovitis, Infertility, Ovarian Cyst, Uterine Fibroids, Menstrual Pain, Menopausal syndrome, Uremia, Diabetes, Weight Loss, Asthma, Vitiligo, Myasthenia gravis, Immune & Endocrine Disorder, Acne, Depression, Stress Management, distract, ADHD, Learning difficulties.

I am open to working with clients of all ages no matter what your needs may be. I just activate client’s own inner healer. Quantum-Touch is a wonderful aid in that healing.  Please call or email today for an appointment. English