Tang Xiang


All Regions, China

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Phone: +86 18705658076
Tang Xiang 唐湘

Room 1007 ,building 10 ,Red Sun Mountain Lake , no 36 Xin Gui Road , Xing Ning District , Nan Ning , All Regions , China .

Contact Information
Phone: +86 18705458076

I am Tang Xiang .

In 2012, I graduated from Shan Dong Yan Tai Lu Dong University as a young teacher. I have been engaged in the kindergarten for 4 years, and I have obtained the qualification certificate of the kindergarten teacher, the infant teacher, montessori, and orff music, etc

In 2015, I started to engage in health and health care industry, moxibustion, cupping, massage, etc.

In 2017, I will start to learn about healing courses and work in the dubai health center. The foreign friends who have been healed with a high evaluation of the QT effect.

Quantum touch is the most convenient and effective ways of healing thatI met. It not only healing myself also make me learn to help others. I did really enjoy the healing process. QT have changed my life besides changed my attitude towards life. I love quantum touch .
In the part of my life, I will contribute to sharing the most amazing gift to everyone.