Rashmi Badhwar



Dubai UAE, All Regions, United Arab Emirates

Contact Information

Phone: +971559915944


Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner 

Life & Spiritual Coach/Counselor

Based in Dubai Rashmi has been on the journey of self-growth and discovery for over 18 years.

Her personal process has shifted her life completely. On the journey she has acquired innumerable skills to becoming a life coach, certified hypnotherapist, energy healing conduit and trainer. (personal &/or group counselor and trainer)

Her ethos is - anything that has benefitted her so greatly must be shared to benefit one and all. Change your thoughts change your life, the process starts from us.

Over the years she has conducted many private workshops and held talks, locally and overseas, helping and training all who may be willing to introduce an element of shift for the better, in their beings.

Her other practices include Reiki, Chi Gong healing, hypnotherapy, visualization techniques, attaining alpha level of mind, programming, effective use of affirmations, self love and acceptance, mindfulness, quantum touch healing, past life regression, tarot guidance, private one on one coaching and counseling amongst many others.

Works actively with educators and children on Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence & Energy

It’s all about unlearning!!


Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, NLP – National Guild of Hypnotists, USA

Quantum Touch Practitioner - Quantum Touch USA

Other healing practices through private workshops

Works actively with educators and children on Mindfulness, emotional Intelligence & Energy