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Mo Guiqi


All Regions, China

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On the road of spiritual growth,Miss Mo guiqi following a number of teachers devoted to learning, practicing, for over 10 years.

It has successively won

Genshin transfer healing divisions
Usui Reiki healing divisions in Japan
SRT spiritual healing divisions
American Accessbars therapist
American Institute of Certified quantum - touch healing divisions

Successful Cases

Types of neck shoulder low back pain
Dislocated elbow
Pelvic tilt
Low shoulder Chronic rhinitis
pharyngitis, sinusitis Snoring Insomnia and depression
Myoma of uterus
Menstrual pain
High Blood Sugar Eczema
A bad cold Of children with recurrent fever
Recurrent oral ulcer Low immunity
such as illness

Have more than 1600 hour healing experience, is the most practical experience in the energy healing mentor