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Dorothy Bishop


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: 403-277-4295

Dorothy Bishop has been practising energy healing since the early 1980s, first as part of a Huna group and then, in 1984, as Reiki practitioner. Other studies have included Polarity Therapy, Qi Gong, Thought Field Therapy, Tibetan Energy Release, working with archangels, and shamanism. As a Reiki master, Dorothy has taught hundreds of Reiki students, including several Reiki masters. She also teaches Listening Hands, a more free-form way of awakening to our ability to assist in another person's healing journey. Dorothy practises and teaches at Wild Rose in Calgary, Alberta( )

As a herbalist since 1987, Dorothy is also the author of The Musician as Athlete, available from her at .

A cellist for most of her life, Dorothy also loves to bring healing music to her listeners. Her CD, Cello Dreams, is filled with original music for relaxation and transformation.   
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After experiencing the ease with which students learn Quantum Touch, Dorothy is thrilled to be able to offer classes in Basic Quantum Touch.  If you are unable to attend a listed class, please contact her to schedule another one.