Susana Solorzano

Essential Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Praktriki II, Hand Accupuncturist
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner,


Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Contact Information

Phone: (33) 3629-8828
Alt. Phone: cell:044(331)699-2081

Since I was in High School I wanted to study Medicine because I desired to be of great help to others. Then I realized it was very difficult for me to deal with bleedings. At that time, our class attended an exhibition of anatomic parts and I was very impressed. So I decided I should try alternative medicine such as Homeopathy, Herbalist, Natural Medicine etc. As time went by, I learned about Reiki, and felt in love with this natural healing technique, so easy, so harmless, so wonderful and yet so powerful… So I decided to become a Reiki Therapist. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know about new powerful energy healing techniques, I learned Metamorphic Technique, I became a Bach Floral Therapist, I learned Reflexology, and in 2005 a friend of mine introduced me to Quantum-Touch…immediately I wanted to try it and I was astonished with the results, and decided to adopt this marvellous technique and ever since I use it in all my healing sessions. I consider part of my duty, much more like a must, to help ourselves and others to open our consciousness to find the emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual origin of our health problems and encourage making the proper changes in our lives, so it all combines properly for a new life transformation.



Te invito a darte la oportunidad de probar esta maravillosa técnica ya sea tomando un taller ó una terapia. Además de equilibrar el cuerpo físico, produce beneficios en los niveles emocional, mental y espiritual. El dolor y la inflamación se reducen con rapidez y la sanación se acelera enormemente.