Ann Rust

Holistic Healing Opportunities, Inc.


Midlothian (Richmond), Virginia, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 804-378-4606
Quantum-Touch is one of the most powerful modalities that Ann has used. It is a joy for Ann to share the healing work to empower others to heal. When she learned her first healing modality, she knew she had come "home"! It wasn't until after her husband and she had taken the Basic Quantum-Touch Workshop that her lower back scoliosis was corrected.

Ann has completed the Supercharging workshop and Core Transformation workshop. She is a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner; a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and instructor; a VortexHealing practitioner; an EFT practitioner; a certified Reconnection healer; spiritual counselor; and has studied tuning forks therapy and Edgar Cayce work. Her husband, Ray, and she jointly own Holistic Healing Opportunities, Inc. They have been active in the healing arts for ten years.

Ann is a holistic health practitioner who assists clients in healing core issues, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues with an integrated blend of modalities. Her clientele ranges from the curious to the seriously ill and from the young to the old. She works mainly with stressed women looking for balance in their lives, women and men recovering from cancer and chemotherapy, women going through transition in their lives, men and women recovering from automobile accidents and surgery, women with scoliosis, and women suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. For some clients Ann and Ray work as a team. For her clients Ann enjoys playing the role of "cheerleader", encouraging them to continue to improve, and making referrals when needed. Many times Ann is there as support when there is no one in their lives to "connect the dots". 

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