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Irene Kablash

BEd, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor


Meaford, Ontario, Canada

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- Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

-Emotion Code Certified Practitioner 

-Certified Tai Chi Qigong Instructor 

A few years ago I gave myself a present for my birthday – a Live Basic QT Workshop. It was the best present ever as it brought a lot more gifts into my life.  Since then it has been the path for a personal journey of healing and transformation, nonstop process of discoveries – about self, people, the world around and the realm of subtle energies. The learning process has been enriched and deepened by practicing Tai Chi and QiGong, yoga, and meditations from Buddhist and Vedic traditions. My teachers were of different cultures and traditions which altogether helped me broaden my horizons in energy medicine and perfect the skills of healing.

Working on people using QT caused changes in my energy which led to breaking my normal holding patterns, and releasing the blocks in my energy field. As a result, I dealt successfully with my emotional and physical issues accumulated through life, so I was able to help people with similar as well as other problems.

Personal experience is a key to learning the art of living. By applying mindfulness and body awareness daily through QT practice I have learnt how to live in peace and harmony with myself and also with all others. Such a simple healing modality as QT has turned into the path of real happiness, love and compassion. Isn't it a good enough reason to wish to share this practice through teaching and healing with as many people as possible?!

Knowing that I am now fulfilling my life purpose is truly amazing. In that knowing, that recognition and resonance at soul level, is the most profound peace and the purest joy!