Saving My Dog!

My retriever has arthritis and whilst it's been managed, he suddenly took a turn for the worst over Christmas. I got him to the vet who said he was 'absolutely riddled,' gave us a fortnight's painkillers and told us to come back when we'd finished the course to 'plan the next move.' Terrifying words to a dog owner. Absolutely panicked, I did some frantic Googling and eventually came across Quantum-Touch. I quickly downloaded the initial book, skipped the theory and went straight to the 'how to' bit. Having learned how to, I then progressed to half an hour sessions on my dog. When he was asleep, I'd do further half hour treatments on a surrogate; my toy dog from childhood seemed appropriate so he was dug out of the attic. And even though these sessions didn't take place on him, I sometimes got so far into the rhythm of the breathing, the heat, the energy, that I could actually feel him - his fur, the breadth of his back - beneath my fingers. It was a very strange feeling. But as I felt it, I also felt calmer and deeply connected.

Quite quickly - within 48 hours - he started to perk up; the improvement was clear. I was overawed and so very grateful. I took him back to the vet and whilst I didn't disclose what I'd done, she was very surprised at how rapidly and how much he'd improved

I did incorporate a few other methods - meditation and the blessing of water - and clearly, the vet played her role, but the immediate life / death crisis seems to me to have been 'won' largely by the use of Quantum-Touch. He was on no other treatment at the time that I used QT, besides painkillers, which wouldn't have done anything but mask the pain.

Thank you very much!

Sarah (UK)