Alternative to an Operation for Scoliosis

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Initially, it was through a client in her 30’s that has already had the operation to correct the curvature of her spine, that we heard of a 14-year old young woman and her family.  We had such success with our client’s POST-scoliosis surgery, that she was able to opt out of a second operation for purely cosmetic correction.  It was when she was speaking with this young girl’s mother and heard of their dilemma, that she recommended them to us.

Over the past few months, we have significantly shifted this girl’s spine. After the very first visit, she was pain-free for the first time in years.  The family is convinced that Quantum-Touch is the answer to their declaration of “there MUST be another way” when the procedure for scoliosis was described to them.

Personally, we are thrilled that this beautiful young woman will not have to lay face down in an operating room, have her back cut open and have a rod inserted!  We can’t imagine that for her, and in fact, we visualize her back straight, scar-free, and fully functioning without invasive surgery!


This story was submitted by Paul and Kathie Scott from Canada!  Paul and Kathie are Level 1 and Level 2 Instructors as well as Level 1 mentors.