Lynn Sullivan

Quantum Touch Practitioner
Energy with Lynn


Cincinnati, Ohio, 45209, United States

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Phone: 513-235-0035
My journey with alternative healing options began in 1980. A summer marching in drum and bugle corps left my knees and hips in intermittant pain and the only option the doctor gave was to have surgery. Fortunately, my mom found a treatment that today would be called trigger point therapy or accupressure. It worked and opened my mind to the possibilities.

When I was introduced to Quantum Touch, it was an immediate knowing that this is perfect for me. The understanding of how to was simple and the results, wow, just wow! Seeing people released from pain is an absolute joy.

I recieved my practitioners license in the spring of 2013 and have enjoyed the challenges and opportunities to learn that my clients have brought me. I love doing this work.

In addition to offering QT, both in person and distance, I also teach workshops on integrating personal energy usage into your daily life. I work with Shifa House, which is an international group of intermodal healers who focus primarily on assisting people with scoliosis issues.