Heidi Straub

Founder & Chief Insight Officer
Health InSight by Heidi Straub


Indianapolis, Indiana, 46240, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 3176960889
Love + Energy + Intuition = Comprehensive, individualized approach

Heidi specializes in helping people overcome childhood stress and trauma (Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs) that, if unaddressed, result in illnesses in adulthood. She is experienced in family constellations that bring about healing for patterns of dysfunction that span generations. In addition to QT, Heidi is certified in Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT), an energy modality rooted in forgiveness. Heidi combines various energy modalities (QT, EPT, Emotion Code, Body Code, etc.) with extensive knowledge as a certified integrative health coach to provide clients with an individualized approach that encompasses mind, body and spirit. Proven results with ADD, adoption, anxiety, back pain, bunions, eustachian tube dysfunction, heartburn, postpartum depression, PTSD and vertigo, among others. Heidi practices in person in Indianapolis, Indiana and serves clients virtually around the world.