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Hello and welcome to my Art page!

My name is Anna Shevtsova, I work for Quantum-Touch as Level 1 Instructor Program Director. In my free time I create art. I am excited that you stopped by!

Artist’s Biography

I was born and raised in Kazakhstan. From early childhood I was drawn to art and mesmerized by paintings of nature done in the realistic style. I was drawing with pencil and painting from early age. My favorite was portraying animals and birds. Sometimes, instead of paining on paper or cardboard, I covered wood shelves, benches, and closet doors at my home with paintings of nature--with my Mom’s blessings. I always was very attracted to wood. While being in high school I attended and graduated from the School of Young Architect at the Kazakh State Architecture Institute with the main focus on drawing and drafting.

After graduating from the Kazakh State University with advanced degrees in applied mathematics, my professional life had crossed the art path when I got an opportunity to work as a graphic designer for a short while. During that time, I was privileged to create a website and Newsletter for one UNESCO project. It was 1500 Anniversary of the City Turkestan. This event was included in UNESCO List of Anniversaries.

In my earlier years I hadn’t pursued art seriously because I “knew” that I would never be able to paint nearly as good as Robert Bateman or any other great wildlife artists, so why even bother? I still was doing some sketching, drawing, and paining but rather sporadically.

One day I was painting a pinecone that I picked up in my back yard. The process didn’t go well, so I was getting frustrated. But then some magic happened, and the flat, lifeless two-dimensional “nothing” all of a sudden got transformed into a three-dimensionally looking pinecone! The transformation was so fast and drastic that I was staring at the painting in disbelieve, I got tears in my eyes, I couldn’t breathe. It happened many years ago, but I still vividly remember that moment. That was my turning point when I had realized that I could become a real artist and made a decision to pursue art seriously.

I have been gaining and deepening my knowledge and experience by studying drawing, perspective, and light theory from different sources like books and workshops, and, of course, sketching and painting from life. My art was hugely influenced and inspired by artwork of outstanding artists such as Robert Bateman, Daniel Smith, and Ivan Shiskin. I have tried almost all media, but my favorites are pencil, acrylic, and watercolor.

I live in California and love being outside enjoying our almost always perfect weather. Our local farmers’ markets are full of fresh produce all year around which adds even more appreciation for the place where I live. A couple of years ago one vendor commissioned me to paint a few signs for his vegetables. That was a wonderful project. I used photographs of his green organic produce as reference and inspiration material. It was so rewarding to see my own art exhibited at the Farmers Market.

One time a friend was making a steel gates for his property, and I got inspired to create a simple rural designed for his gates. It was exciting and challenging because I needed a design that would look good and at the same time the gates had to hold securely the whole art piece—my designed was cut on the steel sheet which was welded to the gates. It was very satisfying to see the final work implemented.

Some of my paintings were selected for 24th and 25th Annual Juried Art Show and Competition at Breckenridge Fine Art Center, Texas, and published in their catalogs.

Artist’s Statement

My childhood dream of becoming a wildlife painter has broadened into a desire to paint more than animals. Now I enjoy painting landscapes where animals and birds become an integral part of a greater and bigger picture. My initial decision to build skills in landscape painting to bring more realism and depth to my animal paintings led me to fall in love with studying and painting landscapes. Therefore, I have two favorite subjects for creating art—wildlife and landscapes—and I do enjoy painting both!

I approach each painting as a portrait. Either it is a single animal or a tree, or a vast landscape of the Grand Canyon, I aim to depict the unique essence and spirit of that particular animal or that particular place. This requires study and meditation for deep tuning into the painting subject. By the time the painting has been competed, I know so much more about my subject, and not only on the intellectual level.

For reference materials I use my own photographs as well as images obtained from very talented professional photographers.

I think the best definition of my painting style is a “romantic realism.” I hope my interpretation of flora, fauna, and landscape in my artwork evokes a desire to even more enjoy and appreciate the magnificent and richly diverse world around us.


If you have any questions or comments, please email me at

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