Pura Vida Energy Healing Necklace


Pura Vida Energy Healing Necklace by Quantum-Touch

Pura Vida Energy Healing Necklace

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Simple Life, Joyful Life, Pure Life... See more below >

Pura Vida Handmade with Love from Costa Rica

Every Pura Vida Purchase Supports a Needy Costa Rican Family

(Simple Life, Joyful Life, Pure Life)

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Not just a necklace, Pura Vida is born of love, healing energy, and hope.

Little girl holding handmade Quantum-Touch necklaces from Costa Rica Every Pura Vida necklace is made with love by a family in Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, love was about all they had when we first met them. This family of 5 was struggling to survive in the jungles of Costa Rica, when Jennifer saw a chance to create abundance for this struggling family by bringing together the power of infused Quantum-Touch Energy and the loving jewelry craftsmanship of this family. The result was Pura Vida = Simple Life, Joyful Life, Pure Life.

Every handmade Pura Vida necklace is not only uniquely made by this family, but it it personally infused with Quantum-Touch healing energy by Richard Gordon the founder of Quantum-Touch. So not only do you get Richard's powerful grounding healing energy next to your heart everyday, but you give hope to a loving Costa Rican family.

Each handmade Pura Vida necklace features a good furtune Cherry Wood pendant treated with food grade mineral oil, with sandalwood beads to bring relaxation, awareness, and tranquility, balanced against Carnelian gemstones for Motivation, endurance, leadership and courage energy. All held together with a 100% silk and uncoated nylon.

Each Pura Vida necklace is individually charged  by Richard Gordon with love and Quantum-Touch energy to amplify and support the positive flow of energy. Each piece is also linked (entangled) with all the other Quantum-Touch pendants, portals, and Life-Force Jewelry and it contains the best energy from Richard and our practitioners and instructors.

Every "Share the Love Necklace" purchase supports this beautiful family in need in Costa Rica.

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