Quantum Touch and Chiropractic

Jonathan D. French, D.C."Having been a chiropractor for the past twelve years, and a student of metaphysics for the past thirty-five, it is my unequivocal conviction that Quantum-Touch is truly one of the most simple, effective, and liberating healing techniques that virtually anyone can learn.

My empirical experience has validated many of the premises and phenomena presented in Richard Gordon's book. From the first day I took the Interactive Video course, I was indeed able to move the pelvic and sacral bones of a person standing, with only a light touch on their iliac crests. The occiput and spine demonstrated a similar level of response to process of 'running the energy.'

When I incorporated this technique into my practice, I was able to produce some remarkable reductions in my patients pain levels for a variety of conditions ranging from the usual neck and back complaints to those of knee, wrist, elbow and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain.

I am certain that with further research, the application of Quantum-Touch will become the first action we resort to when someone is in pain, precisely because it is instinctive, natural and effective. This work is truly a gift to humanity."

Jonathan D. French, D.C.