Quantum-Touch Newsletter, May 2011
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New Research Study on Quantum-Touch and Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
We are very excited to present our first doctor supervised clinical study on QT: 
The Impact of Quantum-Touch on Clients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
by Adara L. Walton.
A Dissertation
Rev. AdaRA L. Walton is one of our certified instructors! 
Here is a brief summary of her dissertation...
This research studied the issue of a relatively new holistic modality, Quantum-Touch, and its impact on adult clients with chronic musculoskeletal pain using two measurable forms - one to compile subjects’ pain ratings and one to assess improvement or lack thereof in individual skills and tasks.
In the final analysis, the results and findings compiled from the Experimental and Control groups demonstrated with high statistical significance, that Quantum-Touch hands-on healing was effective on chronic pain when administered for a minimum of 20 minutes on both men and women.
Further, it was evidenced that there was a positive impact on the skill/task level of those subjects who received Quantum-Touch hands-on healing.
Last, over the duration of the study, for those who received Quantum-Touch energy, there appeared to be a calming or relaxing effect resulting at the conclusion of the sessions. Therefore, logical reasoning resulting from the data collected and the t-test tables warrant that Quantum-Touch be considered as a modality to administer alongside with conventional treatment in the area of chronic pain management and specifically musculoskeletal pain. 

QT and Pain Healing Stories and Videos...   
Quantum-Touch and Healing Pain
What if there is a simple skill that can end chronic sciatic pain and more?

Excruciating Back Pain

I was called over to another office where I work during the daytime as a biologist. My coworker told me that one of our senior citizens who worked at the office was in excruciating back pain and could I come over and "do my thing" as they were about ready to call for an ambulance. I rushed over. Lois, our senior worker, was sitting in a chair and pointed out the part of the back that was hurting and also indicated an area in front under her rib cage. I told her I was just going to place my hands on her back, and then "chase the pain". She is a very spiritual person within her religious teachings and I told her she could participate and help by praying. I spent about a 1/2 hour running the energy. By the end, she was free of pain and totally amazed. She told me later on that she gave testimony to the effects of the healing work at her church on Sunday. She said she had never felt, as strong as her beliefs were, that there really was such a thing as hands-on healing. She also told her doctor, who said that all kinds of things can happen and did not discount her story. For me, I was just relieved to bring her peace from her pain. She is a wonderful person - always helping others and it was awful to see her in such pain.

Pat Ruta McGhan
Cadillac, MI

Ready to Get Started?  Learn QT Online!
If you are ready to get started, the QT Basic Online Training is for all of you who are enthusiastic, curious, or even skeptical about Quantum-Touch and Energy Healing.  We are offering a low cost and convenient way to experience QT immediately on your computer!     Our intent is to make QT highly accessible so more people can discover how this can really change their lives. 
The Basic Online Training includes:
  • The entire Quantum-Touch Level I workshop, taught by QT Founder Richard Gordon, in four parts. Each part contains a series of 13- 20 video clips. (Total running time: 4.50:02 )
  • Fun interactive quizzes for each part to reinforce key points of QT!
  • An opportunity to print out a personalized certificate of completion
  • The whole online training is just $97 with no shipping/handling or customs fees! 
Please note: No course credit is offered for the online training.
Love & Light, 
Richard Gordon
Founder of Quantum-Touch
Jennifer Taylor
CEO Quantum-Touch
 and The Quantum-Touch Staff
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