Healing Malignant Melanoma “Time-Kneaded”

Hey guys….I am not sure if you all remember the cancer (Malignant Melanoma) I had on my forehead or not but I wanted to show you how miraculous the Quantum Touch Healing is.

Freddie did what she called, “Laser Surgery” on my head while she was working on me during the class. I felt something different happening, it burned, it felt cool, it burned, it felt cool, but I just couldn’t forget Carols words.  If you remember she said, this is cellular and will not go away in a day.  I just want to show you guys that it works!!! 

Thank you all for your presence in the class and in my hearts.  I just finished my last class to become a practitioner and I can’t wait to share what all of you guys did for me in class.

~Tim Hughes




Tim Hughes, is a Licensed Massage Therapist he took the Quantum-Touch® Level 2 workshop presented in Venice, Florida / March 2014. This story offered with permission by Carol Lee, CQTP/Instructor Levels 1 & 2