Denise Willinger's Quantum-Touch Lecture/Demonstration Workshop

August 26, 2019 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT
Serenity Spa
11614 Main Street
Middletown, Kentucky 40243 United States
Phone: 502-245-6484
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Denise Willinger
Phone: 502-245-6484

About Quantum-Touch Lecture/Demonstration Workshop

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Are you curious about what Quantum Touch can do for you? Join Denise Wilinger to hear her journey with Quantum Touch. She will share how her grandaughters birth at 26 weeks, led her to this life changing work. Quantum Touch energy healing helped her grandaughter to grow and thrive through 4 months in the NICU and gave her peace and healing through this journey. This experience led Denise to become a Quantum Touch  Practitioner and then an Instructor to share this amazing work with the world.

"As a Massage therapist and a business owner, learning to use Energy Healing has helped me in every area of my life. My Massage work has been transformed. My health and well being, along with my capacity to love and be loved have expamded and grown to a new level. This work has changed my life and I want to help everyone I can to use these techniques to transform their health, happiness and well being, too!" Denise Willinger


Denise  will be  sharing her story and doing hands on demonstrations of energy healing. ALL ENERGY HEALERS ARE WELCOME TO COME AND SHARE THEIR GIFTS!

Call us at 502-245-6484, or book online here to join us: