Sue Rockenbach


Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
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In 1992 Sue had her first experience with "energy work". She was so fascinated that she began taking classes that same month. Since then her passion for gentle Natural Health techniques has caused her to investigate many energy healing methods. She has used Natural Health methods to help heal and maintain health in her family and pets since that time.

Sue is a certified practitioner and instructor of Quantum-Touch. She has had wonderful success with people and animals. The 18 years she worked as a Research Scientist, prepared her to be 'left-brained' enough to be a logical and organized instructor, and 'right-brained' enough to be creative and innovative. She enjoys facilitating Basic Quantum-Touch workshops and has received excellent feedback from participants.

Sue also facilitates workshops and private sessions of :

----Energetic Life Balancing
----Emotional Freedom Techniques

Sue usually performs sessions in an office in Kalamazoo, Michigan. However, if the client is immobile or is a family pet, she will travel to the Kalamazoo hospital or their home in the Kalamazoo area. Sue also provides distant healing sessions.

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