Maluhia is a part lab rescued in 2004.  Her age is unknown but estimated by her former owner to be about 7 years old.  She is a beautiful big boned, mellow dog who loves everyone and most everything.

Two years ago (2008) Malu was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and heart worm.  The vet felt that due to her perceived (at that time) age of 7 years she should not be made to suffer through the pain she was exhibiting or the trials of the heart worm treatment.  He suggested she be put down within a short time.  Malu's owner, Roberta, thought hard about what the vet said and then decided that she should go ahead and bring Malu home and try alternative medical treatments.  Roberta is a Reiki and Quantum-Touch practitioner so she immediately started almost daily treatments using one modality or the other.

Roberta soon found herself in a position where she was moving and could not take Maluhia with her.  At this point, although somewhat better, Malu was still limping badly the majority of the time and often was only using 3 legs, it was easy to see that her muscles were starting to atrophy in her left hip area.  

My Partner, Debra (pictured to the left), and I told Roberta that we would be happy to adopt Malu into our family and continue the energy healing treatments.  Malu soon became a valued member of our household, protecting the chickens and providing a reliable security alarm for our home.  As we continued with the energy, Malu improved slowly but often would re-injure the leg.  Also of concern were coughing episodes that usually accompany heart issues in dogs.  More than once we contacted Roberta to assist us in distant healing to help us with the dog's treatments.

After several months, Debra had an opportunity to attend Richard Gordon's QT level II class in Honolulu.  When she returned home she was using the QT II techniques at every opportunity.  One day, she was walking with Malu and giving her a treatment.  As Debra looked at Malu she suddenly saw a perfect bulls-eye target on Malus left knee.  Up to this point we had been focusing on Malus hips but this message was very clear so Debra instantly moved her eye focus to the knee.  After a few seconds Malu started to walk differently.  Her stiff legged swaying was gone and she was moving with normal steps!  Debra was amazed and kept doing energy healing only to be amazed again sometime later.

Malu had always had difficulty squatting to do her business.  She would assume a stance that had her balancing on her front legs with her back legs straight out in almost a triangle position.  Because this was so uncomfortable she would only urinate once per walk. Well, as Debra continued with energy healing, Malu stopped, sniffed, and was able to squat for the first time!  Now squatting is getting easier for her all the time and she will usually urinate 2 to 3 times on a walk.  Truly, there was an improvement in the legs and hips, but was the energy healing working on the heart as well?

Debra and I (and probably Roberta as well) regularly ran energy on Malu's heart and organs as a part of her treatments and felt that there was improvement as her coughing spells completely stopped. A trip to the vet last month confirmed that the energy healing was working.  Her heart worm test came back negative!  The vet said that Malu looked to be 4-5 years old as there was no sign of cloudiness in the eyes or other degenerative issues that occur in dogs of her stature and breed as they age.

Malu still limps very slightly when she first gets up in the morning but she is firmly on four paws after 2 to 3 steps.  She runs and jumps with such joy!  She is one of the most obedient and loving dogs we have had the pleasure to have in our family.  She is totally trustworthy with the grandkids and chickens.  She is always ready with a bark, a wag and a grin for any company who might come by.


Pamela Blackman
Quantum-Touch Certified Practitioner