Young People and Children Learn, Practice and Benefit from Quantum-Touch Healing Techniques

I am blessed to have the ability to resonate with the Energy and Essences of Angels, Orbs, Light Beings and Ascended Masters. Working with the unseen is not new to me. It is part of my tapestry, life story and daily work.

I have had three NDE’S (near death experiences), the first at 4-years-old. At that age, I was given a knowing and understanding that there was a greater power in charge. It took years of consciously studying energy medicine before I could truly offer a simple and profound explanation about Energy Healing and a dialog of what this God Presence or Life Force Energy wanted me to do.

Quantum-Touch Level 1 teaches simple techniques and procedure; the Scientific Principles of Resonances and Entrainment that can be taught to anyone at just about any age.  QT Level 2 teaches about Manifestations and working distantly through the power of your thoughts, intention, and asking for help from above.

I facilitated a profound Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop in Burleson, Texas with two children present: Isiah, 12-years-old registered for course credit and the other, Christopher, 5-years-old came with his mother.

Isiah took his first Reiki class at age 4, from his Grandfather who accompanied him to this QT workshop.

Christopher is an active 5-year-old boy with a very vivid imagination. He actually sees Spirits, Angels and Orbs of light and the fact is, he is a very energy sensitive little guy. (Like his Mother, Grandmother and Aunt. All are my clients)

When I began the workshop, I asked Christopher’s Mother if he could sit next to me and be my helper and demonstrate the first QT Level 1 techniques on him.

With his Mothers permission, I did the first assessment on hips and occipital ridge which needed adjustment. Following the energy, as taught, I moved to the sutures in his head which were misaligned. I then demonstrated offering loving energy, which took about one minute for the misalignment to correct itself.

(If the bones in the head are misaligned, it can cause pressure or activate the Spiritual Centers of the brain, cause openness to higher realms, along with being very confusing. This can heighten their sensitivity, which some call being hyper-active)

I have to smile now as I include this photo. After his QT demo and treatment, he slept for four hours during the first day and four hours on the second day of the workshop. For the first time in a very long time, he slept all night.

He certainly had a profound healing.

Younger students attend frequently and have PROFOUND experiences. Read this short and powerful testimonial from our new friend Isiah about his experience last weekend in his first Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop.

These are his exact words:

"Today is 6/7/15, day two of Quantum-Touch class. We were working on  each other in groups of three. During day one, before lunch, I was in a "state" and I saw an angel. Today, I was getting worked on and around fifteen minutes into it, I saw the same angel giving out all different shapes and colors. Like a snowflake, not one was the same. The colors and shapes were spectacular to witness. As they departed, they were absorbed by the fellow classmates in the room. As the angel was revived back to where she came from, she waved goodbye. She came as quick as she left." - Isiah, age 12

Our children are our future!

"The doctors of the future will give no medicine, but will educate his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."


Carol Lee
Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1
Level 2 Instructor
Level 1 Mentor