Gail Carpenter

Aquidneck Island Psychotherapy and Meditation,LLC


PO Box 278
7 Bayview Ave #1
Newport, Rhode Island, 02840, United States

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Phone: 401-207-1073


The mission of Aquidneck Island Psychotherapy and Meditation, LLC (AIPM) is to help create balance within a comfortable setting that offers both traditional and alternative healing methods.  AIPM offers traditional Psychotherapy, Meditation and Energy Healing.  Gail has been a psychotherapist for twenty-five years and has been meditating for forty-four years.  Modes of Energy Healing include:  Reiki (RM in USUI and Holy Fire), Quantum –Touch (certified QT practitioner), Crystal Healing (certified in the Crystal Method of Natural Healing).  AIPM also offers a John of God Crystal Healing Bed approved by John of God and brought from the Casa in Brazil and an FDA-approved Richway Biomat.


"As Pastor and Founder of The First Spiritualist Church in RI, I often get totally consumed with focusing on the needs of others before mine.  Gail Carpenter, LICSW had the insight to see that I could use some energy replenishment.  She took the time to listen about my "life story", childhood, family, life experiences etc as a nurturing Psychotherapist.  We then had a beautiful session of Energy Healing, which included Reiki, Quantum-Touch & Crystal Therapy to balance my Chakras.  I have since lost weight, have clearer peace of mind and no longer suffer from insomnia.  Besides myself, my husband, friends, family and Congregation are all reaping the magnificent benefits of my healing with Gail.  I sincerely thank you.                                                                                     Pastor Susan Robillard, The First Spiritualist Church of RI   (2017)

"The Quantum-Touch sessions I have experienced with Gail have made significent changes in my pain levels - both immediate and long-term.  It has helped me with joint pain, healing of injuries and headaches.  Being a nurse I am always looking for methods of pain control with the lowest invasiveness and the least side effectives - for myself, my family and my patients.  I would highly recommend Quantum-Touch - I continue to be amazed that the focus of energy can be so powerful and effective."

Linda Peckham, RN, DNS   (2017)

"When my mother passed away my body started screaming for attention.  I found Gail Carpenter and started biweekly therapy.  She has helped me recognize where my body hurts, why it was hurting and how it was connected.  Regular sessions using energy medicine has been moving the pain out and I have a new mindset to take responsibility for exercising, my diet and healing my spirit.  It is amazing how deeply and effortlessly the work can heal."

Piper Padillia Kindergarten Teacher - 29 years   (2017)

"Gail is an incredible therapist and healer!  The introduction of Quantum-Touch into her portfolio of therapies has helped me significantly.  Earlier this year due to severe stress in my life as well as a fall I was dealing with with depression and anxiety as well as back and gastro-intestinal issues.  I was basically a mess. Regular Quantum-Touch sessions have had a significant positive impact on my emotional and physical issues.  The sessions themselves are soothing and when I leave I feel rested and empowered."

Sandy Bleich, Senior Partner Millennium Search, LLC   (2017)

"Hello, I want to tell you about a wonderful experience I had with Gail Carpenter at her great location in Newport.  She performd a combination of Sound & Vibration Healing, Quantum-Touch,Crystal Healing and Reiki.  She is a professional which made the session very pleasnt.  I opened up, relaxed and enjoyed the attunement and Healing.  After each experience I had more energy and felt at ease with myself.  It released so much stress.  Sound sleeping is now normal.  Gail is a gifted healer.  I am a Certified Reiki Master, Quantum-Touch, Energy, and Sound & Vibration Practitioner.  I have been Gail's Sound & Vibration Practitioner Mentor for the past several years.  She is tops in our field."

John B. Sound & Vibration Practitioner   (2017)