Level 1 Workshop

Manifesting Miracles

A new 14 hour workshop that teaches you how to attract and manifest miracles in your life using Quantum-Touch.

by Richard Gordon
with Henri Rand Furgiuele, Miriam Hunter, and Tyler Odysseus

Miracles: When something wonderful happens which vastly exceeds expectations.

The manifesting miracles workshop shows you how to attract and manifest wonderful new futures in your life using Life Force Energy and Quantum-Touch.

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Is there any area in your life that you’d like to enhance? More abundance? A career? New relationships? Whatever future you are wanting to manifest, you can learn how to cultivate Life Force Energy and then use it to energize your future. It’s exciting, powerful, and very real.

Most people unconsciously project their beliefs, hurt feelings, guilt, etc. into their future and are surprised when their history repeats itself. Manifesting Miracles takes you out of that loop. You’ll learn how to expand your horizons, find a future you desire, and align to it. Other Quantum-Touch classes touch on this topic briefly, but Manifesting Miracles goes beyond what has been taught before. You’ll want to use these techniques in your life.

This is a 14-hour class. No pre-requisites required. You’ll be given all the techniques and principles you need to begin the work. And for those who have already learned Quantum-Touch, you’ll discover new ways of applying what you already know.

About Manifesting Miracles Workshops and What You Will Learn

The class is taught online in 4 four-hour segments (which includes breaks for a total of 14 hours of course time), with time in between meetings for you to practice and experience. Each student receives a 40-page full color student manual, and a Certificate of Completion (after successfully completing the workshop).

Some of the things you will learn in a Manifesting Miracles Workshop include:

  • principles & practices of cultivating Life Force Energy using Quantum-Touch
  • how to enter the field of miracles and stay there
  • how your future shapes your present
  • techniques to align your inner reality to higher frequencies
  • a proper approach to the Law of Attraction (without using affirmations)
  • understanding Pronoia and how tragic blessings happen
  • 5 exercises that help you choose your miracle future
  • 7 manifesting techniques to bridge the future
  • refining the process: working with tips, triggers, and pitfalls 
  • clearing obstacles: self pity and old beliefs
  • Q & A

Quantum-Touch Manifesting Miracles Pricing

NOTE: Prices do not include tax. For Pre-Registered Pricing, please register 21 or more calendar days before workshop.

CountryPre-Registered PriceRegistration Price
China3368 China Yuan Renminbi (CNY)3886 CNY
Japan50000 Japan Yen (JPY)60000 JPY
United States460 United States Dollars (USD)550 USD

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Quantum-Touch Manifesting Miracles Discount Policy

  • 1/2 price discount off registration price (not pre-registration price) available for children 18 years and under. All children 18 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • 1/2 price discount off registration price (not pre-registration price) available when repeating the Manifesting Miracles class. To receive the half-price discount, students must provide a copy of a Certificate of Completion from a Manifesting Miracles Workshop taught by a certified QT instructor. The copy of the certificate must be provided by the beginning of the workshop for which the half-price discount applies.

Refund Policy for Quantum-Touch Manifesting Miracles

To keep our workshop fees as low as possible, it is important that each workshop is near capacity. Thus we have instituted the following policies for cancellations:

  • Registrations cancelled greater than 15 business days prior to a workshop, student will receive a refund of tuition fees paid, minus a $50.00 USD Administrative Fee.
  • Registrations cancelled between 14 and 10 business days prior to a workshop, student will receive a 50% refund of tuition fees paid, minus a $50.00 USD administrative fee.
  • Registrations cancelled 10 business days or less before the workshop, or if a student does not attend, will not receive a refund.
  • There is a $50 USD transfer fee for Students wishing to transfer their registration from one workshop to another as long as the transfer is completed at least 15 business days before the workshop.
  • No refund requests will be honored post-workshop.