Katherine Bird

Northern Community Visions
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Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: 306-961-8703

Katherine Bird has assisted groups and individuals with personal development and healing for 30 years. Her background education is in psychology, social work and adult education. A consultant in the areas of adult education and mental health, Katherine develops curriculum and instructs mental health and addictions-related programs for a variety of institutions. As an emotional wellness therapist and life coach, she also maintains a client caseload in Prince Albert, Sask.

An advocate of holistic health, Katherine approaches her assistance with people on many levels, offering a balanced and down-to earth approach in understanding and alleviating the short and long term effects of trauma. She is certified in Quantum Touch, Thought Field Therapy, Reiki, and Theta Healing. Katherine is also a professional visual artist and creative writer. Co-author of "Unlimited You",  she also explores and shares her concepts of health in terms of energy theory in her paintings and poetry.

"I enjoy the honour of assisting people to awaken to the joy and freedom of being who they are. My goal is to inspire, support, and encourage, based on personal experience with what I teach. I offer a holistic, spiritual approach in understanding self and environment."