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Quantum-Touch Practitioner Discovers The Magic Of Quantum-Touch

My story begins about seven years ago when my Uncle Richard had prostate cancer. My Aunt purchased a book called Quantum-Touch The Power To Heal (Revised Edition 2002). I am really not sure that she ever read the book but gave it to me and I have carried it around for ten years now. Sometimes I would pick it up and read a few chapters not really taking it to heart until now. I found the website in May of this year and something inside drew me to it.   I downloaded the book to my e-reader and began to read how you can use a practice that has made wonderful changes in my life. I told my husband of what I had seen on the website and I had read in the book. His reply was if you can fix my hip then I will pay for the class. So I took a deep breath and followed what I had seen on the video clip. To my amazement his hip went into place. To his amazement, what did I just do? Not sure of what had just happened so he said ok, work on my toes and feet. They ached from all the years of T tournaments. I took a deep breath and said ok I dont know what I am doing but I believe in the results. He slept all night without pain waking him up. I took my level one class in June.

Now getting back to the book, before leaving the house for my class I decided to take this book that my aunt had given to me to class thinking that I would show the instructor the book and to my surprise it was the same book I had downloaded just an earlier paper version. Shocked with amazement and a little disappointment of the thought of how much time that I had lost. I have taken my level two this August, what an eye opener or more a heart opener.  I am now working on the 60 hours that is needed to finish out my needed hours for the practitioners certification. I have worked on more than 60 people since starting this pathway but things seem to happen quickly. I am finding that when I work on an area they usually do not need a follow treatment. Although I have not worked on someone with major illnesses. Mostly neck, back and stress related.

I have worked on our dog Chi Chi that is 14 years old and in good health except for her hip. I got her still long enough to run energy on her. She now walks on all fours not holding her back paw up due to arthritis. This is the first time she has done that in several years. Sometimes I have to give her a little power boost but she loves it and now hops around like a puppy after the treatment.

The mailman Scott, who has had back problems and diagnosed degenerating disk let me run energy on him and he was able to sit and watch a full ball game that his son was in, and then went hunting this past weekend.

The stories go on and on. Although people do not understand it and a few call it magic. The end results tell the story.

Even though they do not understand it, believe in the process

I look forward in growing and seeing where this pathway leads me and I will continue the journey with amazement and love. My plans are to move from practitioner to instructor showing and helping others to share this wonderful gift of Quantum-Touch.

Vickie Cooper,
Quantum-Touch Practitioner