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Krismas Adams

Certified Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor Mentor, QT I , 2 & Self Created Health Practitioner/Instr


Syracuse, Utah, 84075, United States

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Phone: 801-682-9664

Quantum-Touch - Krismas Adams

Your Heart Energy...Healing straight from the Heart.


Quantum-Touch Level 1 "The Power to Heal"                                        

Quantum-Touch Level 2 "The New Human"                                        

Quantum-Touch "Self Created Health"                                                    

(Also, Krismas is a Mentor for QT Practitioners and Level 1 Instructors.)  

Quantum-Touch uses body awareness, breathing and sweeping techniques and advanced focus & attention skills you will open up in a way you never have before. As a practitioner you will learn to hold a high vibration that enables you and those you are helping to let their own body intelligence take that high vibration of love and use it where their body feels it needs it most. It can accelerate their healing while you hold the vibration and love space that allows them to do so.  

“I choose love, joy and freedom, I open my heart and allow wonderful and beautiful things to flow gently into my life.” 

I have the wonderful opportunity to share what I love by teaching Quantum-Touch Workshops:

Quantum-Touch Level 1 "The Power to Heal"

Quantum-Touch Level 2 "The New Human"

Quantum-Touch "Self Created Health"

I am also a mentor for Quantum Touch.  I help new practitioners help to get their business going, as well as working with practitioners that would like to become a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor.  It is a wonderful program that helps to get you on your way to helping so many and sharing with others this beautiful and elegant modality.

Classes that come together are for you. Every class is special and I learn from them myself, every time!

Before you start to do your practice log hours please consult with me so I can explain the correct way and time that you need to do them.

Give me a call if you are interested in finding your New Human abilities. The world isn't flat after all! I would love to help you find this great wonderful gift just waiting inside you to be found.

Quantum-Touch can rapidly improve any aspect of your life by getting to the root of the problem on an energetic and emotional level. And, because energy is not limited by distance, the work is just as powerful whether it is done working with someone in person, or speaking over the telephone. 

My desire is to help you get the clarity, joy and peace you may be looking for. Sometimes our emotions get stuck in our energy field and over time can cause illness and pain. Whether you have a need in your body, mind or spirit your energy system is involved.

Learn to live in a higher vibration and enjoy living the life you dream of. To heal we need to change our vibration of energy to a higher vibration and with Quantum Touch you can.

Unclutter Your Mind, Calm Your Body, Claim Your Life!  

Self Created Health is so amazing and Richard has put so much into this class.  I am honored to be an instructor for Self Created Health. You will understand this information so will own it and be able to use this work effectively. I personally have gained so many insights about myself that I highly recommend this class! If you are interested in knowing more and would like to attend a class please let me know.  

Many Blessings,

Krismas Adams

Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor/Mentor

Quantum-Touch Level I & II Instructor/Practitioner & Self Created Health Instructor/Practitioner

Private Sessions are available for QUANTUM-TOUCH HEALING & SELF CREATED HEALTH. All these can also be done by long distance on phone, Skype or Facetime or in person. Please see my website. for details.

Comments from clients and students:

"There's something very special about Krismas...from the energy she puts off when you first meet her to the way she teaches the material. She makes it easy for anyone to understand. Being in her class was an experience I will always remember."  Nathaniel S.

"Krismas is an Amazing Instructor. She is filled with endless amounts of information and insight for healing the mind, body, and spirit. She's intuitive to the needs of the people that she helps and brings inspiration and a new positive outlook to life."  Carly Wilson - Draper, UT

"Krismas Adams, as a teacher, has great insight and real enthusiasm for the discipline and art of energy in the body and the soul.  Krismas is  gifted with healing knowledge and skills that gives both physical relief and soothes the soul.  She loves to help others live fuller, happier and more rewarding lives. Krismas loves to empower her students with her knowledge and skills so their personal lives are bettered and they in turn love to help others.  Because of this her students are strong ambassadors and clinicians for the practice of each of the Quantum-Touch/Self Created Health classes that she teaches."   Julie. W. - SLC, UT 

"Thank you!  I have to tell you, I honestly didn't really expect to get much out of these classes since I had already taken them on video, but I was THRILLED at how much I did learn!!!  Thanks again for doing these classes for me!  It has been such a wonderful experience for me!" Ingrid Eggert - Washington Terrace, UT


Become a QT Practitioner! The Live Level I Workshop fulfills one of the workshop requirements to become a practitioner and counts as 4 hours towards practitioner certification hours. Please note:  Before one can attend a Level 2 workshop, one must successfully complete a live Level 1 Quantum-Touch Workshop.   (The Basic Online Training cannot be substituted for this pre-requisite.)   Contact me if you would like to host a Quantum-Touch Level 1 & 2 or Self Created Health class in your area. 


Krismas also uses Quantum-Touch with her other modalities such as:      Guided Healing Meditations, Certified Hypnotherapist - Graduate of the first nationally accredited college of Hypnotherapy - HMI, Certified Hypnotherapist for The Virtual Lap Band for Weight Loss, Manifesting Your Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher,  Sound and Vibrational Therapy using Master Healing Tibetan Singing Bowls, SimplyHealed a modality that clears generational issues, body systems, personal connections with others, energy systems, your timeline, and many other items that can be stuck in your energy field ready to be cleared,  Mind Management, Speaker and Presenter for Conventions, Healing Conferences and Self Improvement Conferences.    

I teach in Syracuse, UT about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City, UT.

If you live in an area that you would like me to come and teach there please give me a call or email and lets see what we can work out.  I try to accommodate whenever possible.  I may need a enough students to cover my costs for time teaching the workshops and for travel. I am so passionate about sharing Quantum Touch with others and am so thankful that I am able to do this full time now, that I can't wait to meet you and share this elegant love based modality.  Be ready to be amazed as your hidden abilities come forth.  Wake up and enjoy your life!

I can teach Self Created Health and Level II in areas that don't already have an Instructor for that area.  Visit my website: to learn more about me. 

Living to Love and Learn,