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Vickie Cooper

Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
All That's Victoria


9 South Lafayette
Brownsville, Tennessee, 38012, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 7317724477
Alt. Phone: 7312255683

I have always been interested in Natural Healing, I feel that within our bodies we have the power to heal itself and to live a balanced life. There are miracles that happen all around us. With Quantum-Touch I offer a hands on solution to helping others reach a physical, emotional and spiritual well being and wholeness within their lives.

I was introduced to Quantum-Touch when my aunt gave me the Quantum-Touch book in 2002. I carried the book around through several moves always finding it each time and placing it in a special place to be read and reread. Using the principles often in my own life I was compelled to share the use of life force energy healing with others.  The process became real to me taking to heart that we all have the power to help others in love and through Quantum-Touch.

In this time of right now we often place undue stress upon our self, our lives and others around us, which causes our body to react in muscle tension, pain and illness. Quantum-Touch offers a way to release the trauma we impose on our health and well being. Your body has a tremendous ability to heal itself and achieve a pain free life. Through Quantum-Touch I have seen joints and bone structure go back into alignment, neck pain relief, and back pain lessen.

In my practice I use Quantum-Touch as a primary treatment adding Essential Oil Therapy, and Reflexology for a healthier more POSITIVE YOU!