Thea Guenther

Thea Willette


KINGSTON, Ontario, Canada

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Life didn't always feel this magical. To be honest I was oblivious to the anxious depressive fog I called life.

Through a series of health scares & challenges, I knew something had to change. I learned not only what it means to surrender to love, but just how much potential I'm capable of.

And it not just me, we are ALL capable of this great love. Sometimes we just need a helping hand to steer us in the right direction. And that's what I'm here to help you with. I will gently show you just how beautiful you truly are.

Everything changed when I decided to say yes to loving myself. And my guess is this may be the same for you too!

Through meditation, body awareness, breathing and energy work I began to feel alive. I learned what it means to be feel love. And now I get to share that with you, that you may also radiate your truth!

Now booking clients for distant healing and self-created health. You book using my website, or contact me directly using phone or email!