Quantum-Touch Level II Transforms Personal Fears

As a Quantum-Touch level II trainer I sometimes join our students when they are exercising during a QTII workshop. I worked with one of the students with the 10 chakra "Essence and Energy" exercise.

One of my biggest wishes was to study psychology, for years I was trying to start, I could make time for it, I had the money to do it, there was a special University for people like me, who couldn't study full time...but I never started, withdrawn by all kinds of ideas, old trauma's etc.

After the exercise I went home, "found" myself sitting behind my computer, subscribing for this study...and now I'm a Psychology student, enjoying all the new and old information, enjoying making mind maps, enjoying studying!

Again with this 10 chakra " Essence and Energy" exercise I treated one of my clients who had a big fear for going to a crowded stadium....and her husband had given her a ticket for a show of some famous singers, in a big stadium....

So she came in my practice and said: "I wanna get rid of this fear, I want to go there AND enjoy the show!" We did a session, about 3 minutes and the fear was almost gone.

Two weeks later she was in the stadium, the fear came up again, but not so bad, she did the exercise again and enjoyed the big show!

Kind regards,
Yolande van Rosmalen
QT I and II trainer and Practitioner in the Netherlands

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