Chakra Charging Necklace


Quantum-Touch Chakra Charging Necklace

Chakra Charging Necklace

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Chakra Charging Necklace

Grounding * Balance * Energy


The chakra charging necklace is tuned to the Chakra Charging exercise from Level 1 Quantum-Touch, and is handmade with love in Tucson, AZ USA. The colors of the stones are designed to align with chakras 1-7.

Each Chakra Charging necklace is individually charged by Richard Gordon with love and Quantum-Touch energy to amplify and support the positive flow of energy. Each piece is also linked (entangled) with all the other Quantum-Touch pendants, portals, and Life-Force Jewelry and it contains the best energy from Richard and our practitioners and instructors.

The Chakra Charging necklace features a Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant and genuine black tourmaline and chakra gemstones. The clasp is 14k gold filled (not plated). It also includes a gold-plated Quantum-Touch jewelry tag (nickel free). The bead cord is 100% pure silk.

The beads are genuine gemstone beads and here is a description of each one:

  • Black Tourmaline - Protection and elimination of negative energy
  • Red Agate - 1st Chakra: Stability and Grounding
  • Orange Aventurine - 2nd Chakra: Creativity, Imagination, and Manifestation
  • Yellow Jasper - 3rd Chakra: Happiness, Joy, Positivity
  • Aventurine - Heart Chakra: Love, Connection to Nature, New Growth
  • Blue Howlite - 5th Chakra: Communication, Higher Wisdom
  • African Sodalite - 6th Chakra: Intuition, Guidance
  • Chevron Amethyst - 7th Chakra: Inner Strength, Wealth, and Clarity
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