Verna Fouche


Mossel Bay, Western Cape, 6500, South Africa

Contact Information

Phone: 27 82 373 3669
Alt. Phone: 27 44 691 3683
Since becoming the first Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor as well as Practitioner in not only South Africa but the whole of Africa I have and still am teaching the live QT workshops all over South Africa - in CapeTown, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Mossel Bay and as far afield as Mozambique and Tanzania and have taken QT to Dubai as well. I have also become the first Emotion Code Therapist in the whole of Africa and working with emotions has helped so many of my clients.  I hve incorporated this modality into my healing practice.  It is an awesome experience to see the people attending QT Level 1 Worksop develop and grow.  I had to travel to the UK to be able to qualify. There I did the Core Transformation 1 and Supercharging Workshops with Alain and Jody Herriot in Manchester as well as my Live Basic Workshops.   I completed the Core 2 and Retreat with Alain and Jody in the USA during Oct/Nov 2006.  There I met Richard.  I do Distant Healing sessions for people not only in South Africa but around the world. Distant Healing sessions even include animals. I live in Mossel Bay, South Africa, a coastal town half way between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. This whole area is known as the Garden Route. I am a teacher as well as a certified Book-keeper but have retired from both these professions to concentrate on Holistic Healing.  When I was quite young a lady introduced me to crystals and dowsing and I have never looked back. I am a Reiki Master and Colour Therapist and have also done Colour Tactile Therapy. I use crystals for colour and treatments as well as the coloured chakra bottles. For years I knew energy was going through my hands, I pick up energy with dowsing rods, and Quantum-Touch has helped me to utilize this gift. I have my own practice here in Mossel Bay and Quantum Touch is growing together with the Emotion Code Therapy.  I have now incorporated the CoRe Inergetix System with my Quantum Touch as well as Hypnotherapy.   Thank you to Richard for this wonderful opportunity to be part of your team. See