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Quantum-Touch and Craniosacral Therapy

Reonne HaslettCranioSacral Therapy is enhanced by Quantum-Touch energy work. CS Therapists are trained to monitor the gentle rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid as it moves throughout the spine and head like a partially enclosed hydraulic pump system. By monitoring this rhythm CS Therapists can tell where the energy and/or connective tissue (fascia) might be blocked. When the therapist finds a blocked area, or an area where a release would be therapeutic, they usually " hold" that area until a release is achieved provided the client/patient is ready to release. (CS Therapists would never presume to force a release. The body s wisdom is the guide.)

Quantum-Touch energy work can greatly facilitate the release of blockages, by increasing the therapist s energy, thereby raising the energy of the client/patient. In this way, the energy of the therapist and the client/patient resonates, and the release can happen faster, (provided the body is ready to release at the time).

CS Therapists work on the bones of the cranium in certain situations. By enhancing the work with Quantum-Touch, the bones may move quicker if they are ready to release. This can greatly facilitate the healing session and help the therapist to facilitate the healing of the client/patient more efficiently.

The important thing to remember with combining Quantum-Touch with CranioSacral Therapy is not to " overdo" it. Sometimes the gentlest of breaths can bring the most magnificent results.

Reonne Haslett
Craniosacral Therapist