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Sharon Lawson

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Bristol, Somerset, United Kingdom
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Phone: 01275 880651
Alt. Phone: +447894081862
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I’m dedicated to helping you in any way that I can. As well as being a Quantum Touch Practitioner and Level 1 Instructor, I am also a Reiki Master, an Intuitive Healer, a Self Created Health Process, PSYCH-K® and Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator aswell as a Life Purpose Coach and Mentor. I am also a bit of a magpie when it comes to techniques and knowledge; I integrate whatever I believe can be of service to you.

What you can achieve in such a short time with Quantum Touch is just phenomenal and I always start with QT and blend other modalities depending on the clients needs. I’m still blown away by what my clients get from our sessions together and it is an absolute joy and privilege to be a part of their healing journey.

Each session is completely unique and tailored to what you need.

Before each session I always ask “how can I be of greatest service to this wonderful soul” and the healing that happens is always perfect for where you are and what you need right now, whether it be in the physical, emotional, mental or energetic body.

When at a higher vibration, I always ask your mind, body, spirit's own intelligence “So what’s really going on? What’s this condition really about?” and we are able to understand your condition better and what is needed to heal.

 Often, my clients have physical conditions which are intwinned with their life purpose - or more specifically, not living their life purpose. Their greatest wish is to move forward with their life where they can help, contribute to and impact others, but their physical condition means that they are currently stuck unable to follow their path. I work with these clients to help them back onto their true path and in doing so it begins a period of healing of the body which is accelerated with Quantum Touch.

I also blend "command-based" healing modalities with QT - what this means is that we can use certain commands at the higher vibration to facilitate rapid changes in the sub-conscious mind to replace self-limiting beliefs which may be a barrier to healing or walking your path. 

We can explore any physical, emotional or mental state together and bring about healing.

Quantum Touch sessions can provide so much more than just relief from physical conditions (although it does this amazingly well!), the wisdom that you hold within you becomes unlocked and you can gain so much insight into your life too. You can discover the answers to some of your most elusive questions.

I am also able to heal past life injuries and remove energetic or ancestral chords that may be keeping you from moving forward with your health, happiness or direction in life.

I work with most clients as distance healing sessions over Skype/Messenger as nothing is lost over a distance with Quantum Touch. I work with clients in the UK, Europe, USA and New Zealand. Whether you are in the room with me physically or not, there is no difference (except that you may be more comfortable in your own environment/ no need to travel!) - if you have any questions about distance healing I am always happy to answer them.

Here are some comments from people who experienced QT with me:

“What can I say about Sharon’s sessions: phenomenal! She is a channel as well as a healer. A very special practitioner indeed. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for and had initially come to these sessions with an intention of a very personal nature. Sharon’s approach was very gentle yet overwhelmingly powerful (resonating still today). Leaving me with a truckload of stuff to research, investigate and think over. Having no idea what was involved with the practice of Quantum touch I was blown away by the impact of each session with her. A real clearing of long held and mostly subconscious energy occurred. I feel elevated, lifted with a much clearer sense of perspective and a lot more positivity. I am a new woman thanks to my sessions with Sharon.”
V. H, Teaching Assistant, London

“ I Just wanted to thank you Sharon for the support I have received. Having lived with M.E/CFS since diagnosis in 2004, I had struggled to maintain any kind of normality in my personal, social and working life. I had tried the Lightning Process, CBT, NLP, pacing, acupuncture and gave up my job but nothing provided with a sustainable solution to my illness. I was ona a rollercoaster of wellness followed by crashes which would have me in bed for weeks and months. After coming across Sharon through her Plymouth Women in Business talk I found the initial conversation we had so enlightening , so much so that I knew I wanted to work with her. To be honest, I was concerned about the cost of a course of sessions but realised that iwas an investment in myself and that I deserved it, in fact I believe that was my first step in recovery... as my positivity, joy and knowledge grew (through the sessions) so my health improved to the point that I was able to say "I know longer have M.E." I would happily recommend you to others living with M.E/CFS. Thank you Sharon for giving me the opportunity to get my life back."

Joanna S, Self-employed, Cornwall

"Sharon's healing techniques get right to the heart of whatever issue is bothering you. She's so accurate that it can be confronting, but she'll gently guide you through ways to deal with whatever it is that comes up for healing, bringing new awareness and practical skills. Sharon's honest, caring approach is tailored to each client and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to change their life for the better. Sally B, Writer & Publicist, Plymouth 

“I suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome off & on for many years and have to say it was sheer agony at times causing me many sleepless nights! I tried wearing splints over night, which helped but didn’t cure the problem... I was a bit sceptical at first. But Wow…after only 1 session of distance healing I felt amazingly better, I had a good night’s sleep, with minimal pain, then 2 /3 nights later….No pain! This was about 3 months ago now & so far no return of the painful syndrome.
I can’t express how happy I am with the result. I would definitely recommend anyone who suffers from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to try a session of Quantum Touch. It could make a huge wonderful difference, no more pain, no more sleepless nights & no need for the operation which has a low success rate anyhow!”  E Daniel, Aircraft Engineer, Ash, Aldershot

"I have just had my tonsils removed and it was pretty painful. I’d say it was 8 in scale 1-10.The Quantum Touch felt very good, I could feel it as soon as Sharon connected to me. As the treatment progress I could feel the pain coming out of me, it wasn’t painful, but a little like a scan looking for things to cleanse. The next treatment was 3 days away and I was already on 4 in scale 1-10. Even the surgeon when looked at my throat after 2 treatments was very surprised how fast and well it was healing. It’s a gentle touch that anyone can benefit with. It helps to recover, it decrease the pain and cleanses your energy, leaving you blessed with love and light. Thank you so much.”  Paulina K, Concierge, Brighton

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Tel: +44 7894 081862/ +44 1934 251801


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March 19, 2020 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
March 20, 2020 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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June 14, 2020 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
June 15, 2020 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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