Henri Rand Furgiuele, M.A.'s Energy Boost Mini Class Workshop

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8,750.00 JPY
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8,750.00 JPY
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日本語 (Japanese)
December 12, 2021 10:00 am - 12:30 pm JST
All Regions Japan
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Contact Info:
Henri Rand Furgiuele, M.A.
Phone: 808-221-1431
Email: henri@quantumtouch.com
Synchronicity Japan, Inc.
Phone: 81-03-5411-0530
Email: sjevent@voice-inc.co.jp

About Energy Boost Mini Class Workshop

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EB Branding

This Energy Boost mini-class is taught in ENGLISH with professional JAPANESE interpretation.

The time zone is based on Japan timing.   Please see www.timeanddate.com to convert this schedule to your local time zone.   


This class was created by Henri Rand Furgiuele and Miriam Hunter and is an introduction to the Quantum-Touch style of cultivating Life Force Energy.   For those who have no background in energy healing, this is a wonderful start.  For those who have attended Quantum-Touch workshops in the past, this can give you a re-charge and boost.

We will go over the principles of how Quantum-Touch works, and then work with areas that support immune system functioning.   

One participant who took the workshop online was struggling with the Covid-19 virus, and his energy level was very low.  He was exhausted all the time, and could barely focus.   By the end of the two-hour class, his face was beaming.  He looked so much better, and it had made a real difference in his ability to function.   So please join us.   BOOST YOUR ENERGY.   BOOST YOUR LIFE.

TO REGISTER:   email:    [email protected]   

or you can call:    Synchronicity Japan, Inc. and ask for Nozomi.   81-03-5411-0530.