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Marieke Leliveld

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Animal Health Technician, Animal Communicator
Conscious Quantum Energy Healing Services


678 Leg in Boot Square
Vancouver British Columbia, British Columbia, V5Z 4B4, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: +1 604-441-4534
Alt. Phone: skype: marieke.leliveld


Marieke Leliveld is specialized in energy healing and the silent (light) language that exists between animals and people. Marieke is a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer, Animal Health Technician, and Animal Communicator. Offering services for people and animals who desire to regain strength, balance, activate deep healing, release pain, and more. For testimonials please visit


• Energy healing sessions for people and animals.

• Animal communication for health and well-being.

• Chakra healing and attunements.

• Energy healing for emotional stability and trauma release.

• Healing from old and recent injuries, relief of body-pain, inflammation and more.

• Energy healing for people with migraines, fibromyalgia, MS, Alzheimer, and more.

• Support for geriatric animals and their family, including end of life support.

• Energy cleansing of objects, homes, businesses, and land.

• Group & private workshops for people with parrots, cats, dogs and horses.

• Group & private meditations for people with dogs and horses.

For a complete list of services please visit, call or reach out by e-mail. ~ It is a pleasure to connect