Overcoming Stress with Quantum-Touch

This is my story, but it is also, in part, Carol Lees story. That is because Carol has been my Quantum-Touch Instructor and primary mentor. When I met Carol in 2009 and took my first QT video workshop, I was working in a very high stress job in a toxic environment and was also in relationship with a man who had cognitive disabilities and required significant attention and energy from me.

Not really the ideal time to add something new, but I surely needed a nurturing, meaningful element in my life. Being fully intrigued by the ideas and philosophy behind Quantum-Touch and Energy Healing I began taking workshops with Carol. I remember being so mentally and emotionally depleted that I slept through an entire section of that first video workshop. However, I persisted and continued the trainings to become certified. Repeatedly, Carol encouraged me to acknowledge who I am and basically supported the reawakening to my talents, abilities and being.

Although I became a certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor in 2011, circumstances prevented me from truly moving forward with my desire to be a healer/instructor for personal and spiritual development.  Throughout, however, Carol has continued to remind and support me in my endeavors. This very special woman is a powerful motivating force who deeply understands the Quantum-Touch work we are putting out to the world. She has recognized my gifts”and my weaknesses”and lovingly provides the straight talk that has influenced me to develop my potential to a greater degree.

Recently, I have begun to manifest my personal vision. It was a wonderful experience to provide healing sessions at a local holistic fair on January 20, 2013, an event that Carol initiated and made possible.  What fulfillment I felt to be able to give to others. I am excited and nervous, but because of Carols support, I know I will create something special with the skills I have learned.  I am so grateful for the opportunities and the people. Kudos to Carol Lee and kudos to myself.

-Barbara Adams


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