Jodie Cruz

Quantum Touch Practitioner
InfiniteFlow Energetics


Oahu, Hawaii, 96734, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 1 808 226 6773


I am certified as a Quantum Touch® practitioner. My practice is focused on life force energy, amplified intuitively with frequencies of sound and nature energies. Through my belief that everything is energy and consciousness truly affects matter, my work allows you to release energetic density enabling you to move beyond healing into your unlimited potential. My intention is on releasing the root cause and effect of the issue, promoting real and permanent transformation.

My wish is for all beings to heal and live happily from the heart and in harmony with the earth and Spirit. I wish to assist in the evolution of collective frequency and consciosness and help people to rediscover their innate connection to all things.

I've always felt a strong natural connection with the earth and animals and am truly enjoying bringing these offerings to you.

With an international client base, and extensive experience working with animals and the natural world, I welcome all species in my practice. I'm available for remote distance sessions via Skype, WhatsApp or email consultation worldwide. Studio sessions are avaiable on the isl;and of Oahu, Hawaii.



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