Valerie Bledsoe

Quantum Touch Practitioner & Instructor; Master Herbalist, CNHP & Aromatherapist
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315 N. Main
Kingman, Kansas, 67068, United States

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Phone: 620-532-1899
Alt. Phone: 620-491-1810


I LOVE to teach Quantum Touch and witness the dramatic, loving and unique changes that it makes in lives.  I have always wanted to truly make a difference in people's lives and teaching this seminar allows for that transformation to occur.  Join me and let your journey begin!   

     “Valerie’s QT class is “life-changing” whether you want to work on others or just learn for your own personal use.  Valerie is intuitive and is able to help break through barriers that might make moving to the next level more complicated.  I would recommend Valerie’s class to beginners and the more advanced alike.  She has the capability of taking the material and presenting the information in a practical way that can be applied to all class exercises.”

     "At age 38, Valerie Bledsoe and her use of Quantum Touch changed my life. I participated in my first class in 2008.  I had received such remarkable life changing experiences from receiving Quantum Touch I needed to know how to do it. To pay it forward if you will. I took several classes because it was just too easy!  Each and every time (same class) I continued to learn. I continued to participate and then obtain my Practitioner Certification in 2011.  Valerie brings it home, keeps it simple, hands on and in a safe learning environment.  I'm still a student and love her experience and her continued passion to help people in their journeys.  You are doing yourself an injustice if you've not experienced her class. You will love it, grow from it and will thirst for more!!! Book your owe it to yourself!!! You will thank me and your family will be forever grateful to you. "

     "Attending Valerie Bledsoe’s Quantum Touch classes was the best thing I ever did for myself.   She is amazing!  She has a way of presenting information so that each person learns what they need at that time.  She is open and very loving, which creates a warm and safe place to be.   She not only teaches QT, but she lives it."


     "It is with great emotion that I write about the amazing transformation I have experienced since my first Quantum Touch class taught by Valerie Bledsoe.  She is an amazing person, herbalist, Quantum Touch Practitioner and Teacher and now my mentor.  She truly cares about healing and believes strongly that everyone has a journey to experience.  She encourages us to allow that journey to transform in our time and two years after my first class, she has inspired me to become a Practitioner.  I no longer just exist, I am present in my life and she has taught me so much about the emotional ties to the physical manifestations.  Quantum Touch and healing energy is absolutely an amazing experience.  You cannot explain it, you must experience it.  It has opened channels in my emotions that were long dead from my own illnesses and being a caregiver for my parents most of my life.  I have taken her Level 1 class three times and you learn something on so many different levels from each class.  I have experienced deep emotions, laughter, and an energy that made me felt like I was floating on a cloud but yet so connected.  I have realized that I was so deep in depression and illness and hardly able to get out of bed and face the day.  My migraines are almost non-existent, I can actually think and make decisions and most of all my confidence is back.  Teaching is truly a gift she has and she does not allow negative thoughts, she stresses let go of the old and think positive.  I am so excited to keep learning from her and I encourage anyone to take a class from her.  She is someone you will experience encouragement, learn it is okay to let go of old emotional baggage, and be there for you when needed long after the class is over.  She is there heart and soul for your journey.  I love and respect this woman on so many levels and feel like we are sisters.  You will be beyond blessed if you have the pleasure of meeting and/or taking a class taught by her."