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Become a Level 1 Instructor Trainer

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All Level 1 Instructor Trainers must be a Certified Level 1 Instructor in good standing with Quantum-Touch Headquarters (QTHQ). This means the Instructor:

  • teaches a minimum of 2 Quantum-Touch L1 classes per year
  • completes and files rosters, forms & payments for Quantum-Touch L1 classes as required by QTHQ
  • answers requests from QTHQ promptly
  • maintains an up-to-date profile for NCBTMB (for US instructors only)
  • pays QTHQ fees promptly
  • follows Quantum-Touch Code of Ethics and Quantum-Touch Conduct

In Addition

  1. L1 Instructor Trainers must be able to mentor in a geographic area or language where QTHQ deems instructor training is needed.
  2. L1 Instructor Trainers should be able to speak, read and write English (to be able to communicate well with QTHQ and complete curriculum paperwork)
  3. L1 Instructor Trainers need to be familiar with current policies implemented by QTHQ (as stated in the L1 Instructor Agreement).
  4. L1 Instructor Trainers must have completed Quantum-Touch Level 2 and Self Created Health workshops.
  5. Each L1 Instructor Trainer has taught a minimum of 10 Level 1 classes.
    Each L1 Instructor Trainer has taught a minimum of 100 Level 1 students.

Application and Training Process

  1. Once all the above criteria have been met, the instructor who is interested in becoming a Level 1 Instructor Trainer sends in a QTL1 Instructor Trainer Application Form along with a non-refundable $200 US$ application fee to Quantum-Touch Headquarters (QTHQ).

    Download Your Level 1 Trainer Application Here

    Download PDF Download Word
  2. Headquarters will review the application and either accept or reject the application. If approved, the Trainer Candidate will move to the training phase of the process. Trainer Candidate will pay QTHQ a non-refundable $750 US$ training fee. Then Quantum-Touch Headquarters will provide a list of approved mentors with whom the Candidate can train.
  3. Trainer Candidate will select and contact his or her preferred mentor. If the mentor is available to work with the candidate, together they will schedule the training session. It can be held either in person or online. This session is expected to last approximately three hours. (Please note: if an online meeting is scheduled, both mentor and Trainer Candidate must have audio and video equipment in good working order, high speed internet, etc.)
  4. Once the training session has been successfully completed, mentor notifies Quantum-Touch Headquarters that the Trainer Candidate has completed the training.
  5. Headquarters will send the Trainer Candidate a Level 1 Certified Instructor Trainer Agreement which he or she must sign and return. For certification to be complete, the Trainer Candidate must also pay a one-time Certification fee of $300 US$ to Quantum-Touch Headquarters.

To Maintain Instructor Trainer Status

  1. All Certified Level 1 Instructor Trainers need to be actively engaged in teaching Level 1 in order to maintain Instructor Trainer status. This keeps our trainers current and in contact with others in their community.
  2. A Certified Instructor Trainer must teach:
    a minimum of 4 Level 1 Quantum-Touch workshops AND
    a total minimum of 15 students in each calendar year

    These are actual workshops held and taught. Workshops posted on the Quantum-Touch website but not taught do not count.

  3. Should a Certified Instructor Trainer not meet these minimum requirements, QTHQ has the right, at its discretion, to remove TRAINER status from the Certified Instructor.
  4. Either Quantum-Touch Headquarters or the Certified Instructor Trainer may end the Level 1 Certified Instructor Trainer Agreement at any time by written notice.