Henri Rand Furgiuele, M.A.'s Manifesting Miracles Workshop

October 23, 2021 9:30 am - 6:30 pm EDT
October 24, 2021 9:30 am - 6:30 pm EDT
Phone: +001 310 984-6899
Email: mail@quantumtouch.com
Website: www.quantumtouch.com
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Phone: +001 310-984-6899
Free Phone:888-824-0041
Email: mail@quantumtouch.com
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About Manifesting Miracles Workshop

Manifesting Miracles

A new 14-hour workshop that teaches you how to attract and manifest miracles in your life using Quantum-Touch.

Miracles: When something wonderful happens which vastly exceeds expectations.

The manifesting miracles workshop shows you how to attract and manifest wonderful new futures in your life using Life Force Energy and Quantum-Touch.

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Additional Information:

MM Workshop 1

Welcome to MANIFESTING MIRACLES - an advanced workshop for Quantum-Touch students.  

In order to attend, you will first need to successfully complete a live Level 1 workshop.

Manifesting Miracles is all about bringing futures you love into your life.  Miracles come in all shapes and sizes, and in this class you can easily learn how to tap into a world of expanded possibilities.  The skillset is real, and you can use what you learn for the rest of your life.

In this 14-hour workshop, you will:

  •  learn what miracles are and how to approach them
  •  understand how the future shapes the present
  •  practice powerful techniques that open you to greater possibilities 
  •  relax more deeply into the experience of what you love and prefer
  •  connect to your future using imagery, chakras and more....
  •  dissolve roadblocks that lock up your joy (self pity and limiting beliefs)
  •  use Future Weave and Circular Breathing to deepen your ability to manifest
  •  learn how to live a miracle-filled life.

PLEASE NOTE:   This is the last Manifesting Miracles Workshop offered at an introductory price.  In the future, all Manifesting Miracles Workshops will be listed at the advanced workshop tuition level.

If you have questions about the workshop, please contact the instructors:

Miriam Hunter  ([email protected])   and  Henri Rand Furgiuele  ([email protected])