The amazing healing stories of Quantum-Touch!

Read stories from dozens of people that discovered how Quantum-Touch, through love, is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life-force.

How does Quantum-Touch Work for a Specific Condition?



I have been a certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner since 2014 and through the years I realized that what people say they want sessions for and what actually needs healing is often very different. I experienced this first hand myself when I was very ill. Before I discovered Quantum-Touch... Read More >


At this moment, I'm working with a beautiful golden retriever, using distant healing for 15-minute sessions. She has a cancer diagnosis and has been in a lot of pain. She has been improving since I started working with her. Her pain has been reduced considerably, and she sleeps well. In fact, last night... Read More >


When I first began actively training in Energy Healing more than 10 years ago, one of the most fun things was relearning to see Energy. I remember I could see energy as a child and how lucky I was that my mother just allowed me to describe what I was seeing without judgment... Read More >


I had my first two COVID-19 clients this week. Both were in the hospital when I was contacted and one was unconscious. Each time, it was an adult child asking me to try to save their parent who they love so much. Their love made me think of my love for my own father and mother, and I gave every ounce in those sessions... Read More >


We will soon be offering Quantum-Touch Level 1, Quantum-Touch SuperCharging and Quantum-Touch Level 2 in several live online formats. I’ve been doing this for several years for people who need special accommodation either geographically or health-wise, but now we are offering it to anyone who wants to take advantage... Read More >


After the last Level 1 class, I had a new client come in who had been in an auto accident. She rolled a truck twice. During her session, I imagined I traveled beyond time and space to be with her during the accident. My intent was to hold her so that the impact would be less and so that she would feel very safe and protected. After the session she told me that she felt me twirl  her body twice and then stand her safely on her feet. When I told her what I had been intending, her reply was... Read More >


I am truly amazed how powerful Quantum-Touch is! I have experienced total healing of vertigo. At the end of October, I had a car accident. 10 days later after the accident, my world started spinning. Two days before my audiologist appointment, I participated in a distance healing practice. There were a total of 9 participants. We practiced sending 3 minutes of healing to each participant via online... Read More >


One day, my friend M told me that his doctor said that having surgery was the only thing that could solve his shoulder problems. His shoulders had been injured during navy service (more than 2 decades ago). He couldn’t raise his arms and couldn’t lie on his side for more than 5 minutes. M said to me, “I am so young. I don’t want to have surgery.” I persuaded him to let me help him with Quantum-Touch... Read More >


About every energy worker I know eventually comes to the same conclusion: Physical health issues are emotions that weren’t able to be felt and became trapped and hardened in the body. To keep this from happening you can practice feeling your feelings... Read More >


I woke up one morning in 1980 with intense flu symptoms: deep chest cough, aching bones, fever, sore throat, congested, headache. In other words, I felt quite sick and it appeared that I would remain ill for a week or more. My first impulse was to nurse myself with lemon juice in warm water and crawl back into bed. Since I had recently accepted the premise that most physical conditions ... Read More >


“I had no idea I could get this powerful in 5 days!” People often ask me, “What is the difference between Quantum-Touch Level 1, Level 2, and SuperCharging (SG)?” Also, when they see I’m teaching all 3 classes in a single 5-day-intensive, they ask... Read More >


We love Experiments at Quantum-Touch! Just ask Founder/Author Richard Gordon, who wrote a book called "The Secret Nature of Matter," which delves into all sorts of awesome experiments. Here is a story of quite a different nature but equally as powerful. It was sent to us by Rick Hopton, Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor. ... Read More >


I would like to share a touching and well documented testimony that I received from a client, Joan Keller, and her dog, Bella, about our Quantum-Touch session. Here is Joan's Story: It’s been 2 years, now, since I relocated to the Venice, Florida area. So many changes have taken place from selling my home and leaving my job and family. I never could have made this move without my spirit relationship and my partner, Bella. For all the animal lovers, Bella is my 12 year old Labradoodle. ... Read More >


A week ago, I was sitting in my conservatory when I heard a loud thump on the window. Looking out I saw a sparrow on the ground on its stomach and not moving. After a short time it fell over on its side with its beak wide open. I went outside and placed it on its tummy on our wooden bird table. I went back inside and watched looking through the glass. I started to run the Quantum-Touch energy... Read More >


My European friend, Claude, was visiting for a few days when he told of his attempts to quit smoking – an addiction for most of his adult life. We chatted about the Quantum-Touch modality and that there were recorded stories of people terminating this habit having had the experience of this energy work. ... Read More >


In a recent Quantum-Touch workshop, I learned that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. It is by opening our own floodgate of energy that we can go beyond that which we presently believe. We can cease to be self-limiting and choose instead to put cells, bones and bodily functions back into perfect harmony. We can restore our own well-being and be left feeling the peace in our bodies that we were meant to know; before we were tainted by traumas inflicted on us by simply living our lives as physical beings on this good Earth. Beneath our feet are complicated stories... Read More >


I’ve long felt that every group of Quantum-Touch students select each other on a soul level and each group of students have something in common that makes them a unique perfect match for each other. Once I had a class where everyone who showed up was an empath. There we were with 8 empaths in class! Each of them told a story of how they would walk through life aware of other people’s energy and needed help figuring that out... Read More >


Dear Jennifer and Richard, I received the pendant today, it is beautiful! And very powerful!! Wow! When you told me you were going to send me one, I also took that as permission to print a picture of the front and back of the pendant from your website. I covered the ink with plastic, and I kept it with me the whole week. I wanted to see if it also worked... Read More >


A little bit over a year ago, my oldest daughter, who lives in Russia, was diagnosed with Osteonecrosis of the femoral head, stage 3-4 on the left side, and stage 1-2 on the right side. She was in constant pain. She couldn't walk, couldn't sit, couldn't stand, couldn't sleep. ... Read More >


New Year's Day I got a call from one of my students from my wonderful November class. Her father was in the hospital with a kidney and urinary infection and a possible infection of the blood. She asked if I could do a remote session for him right away. I said I could. I asked her for a photo, and the hospital room number and I began working on him... Read More >


I gave some long distance Quantum-Touch to a friend recently, who wrote about his experience. Here is his story: A few weeks ago, I contracted a staph infection on my foot. I don't know how I got it. The infection began innocuously enough, as a harmless looking pimple on the top of my foot. Yet, within two days, this harmless looking pimple blossomed into a raging infection ... Read More >


Despite my medical training, I often find alternative therapies fascinating. One time, while I was preparing for a public podium presentation, I developed an intense headache. With an hour to go, I thought I might not be able to talk with such splitting head pain. The hotel we were holding the conference at was not near any pharmaceutical outlets... Read More >


This time of year always reminds me of the importance of being of service and the sheer joy that it brings when we do. I was recently teaching a 5-Day Quantum-Touch intensive in New York City with a very wonderful and unique group of students. They came from different careers, different cultures and even different countries. As we went over Chakras, energy colors... Read More >


When Aynoa Lecea, a Spanish dentist from Exeter, attended my Quantum-Touch Level 1 class in October 2015, she had no idea that just a few days later she would be using her new skills to help save her 35 year old husband’s life after he collapsed in the forest and had a heart attack... Read More >


I am very excited about sharing my personal journey back to health. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukemia. The oncologist, treating me at the time, scheduled me for immediate chemotherapy - starting within three weeks. Having a healthy fear of the standard methods used in cancer treatment... Read More >


Even though I have been practicing Quantum-Touch for almost 2 years, I am still not sensitive at feeling the energy. Each time I practice on a friend or family member, I have to rely on their feelings and feedback to know if it's working or not. One late afternoon, my husband and I found a dying bumble bee inside our house. It was a big fluffy one but barely moving and all covered in dust since we were renovating. I carefully took it outside by scooping it up on a piece of paper. However, it was still motionless after 15 minutes. Since I really love bees and wanted to help, I decided to try Quantum-Touch... Read More >


I am a Certified Level 1 Instructor. Whenever I am planning and preparing for my workshops I run Quantum-Touch ahead to energize the event. I did this one day last week in anticipation of the weekend workshop. When my workshop began, a student asked me if I had sent her a healing in the days before the workshop. She recognized my energy!... Read More >


I had a client contact me from New Jersey who wanted a distance healing session for his ears and jaw. He had pain in his ears caused by the sounds around him. When people would walk by his cubicle at work, their footsteps would cause him pain in his ears and he would hear loud clicks, pops and crunching sounds. ... Read More >


This summer, a young neighbor boy, new to the neighborhood, knocked on my door with a little kitten in his hands and said, "I found this kitten in the Kroger parking lot, do you want it?" He put the pretty little 5-week-old calico kitten in my hands and ran away. This took place on a Saturday that happened to be my birthday and it's a good thing I took the kitty because it turned out that she had 3 fractures... Read More >


In April of 2019, Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch, led his annual online workshop, Self Created Health. It is a workshop dedicated to processing difficult emotions to help alleviate physical symptoms, through a series of seven steps. A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, attended this workshop with hopes of alleviating symptoms of Scoliosis and Atrial Fibrillation... Read More >


This story is about Y.C.L, a friend of 30 years from Taiwan, who currently lives in France. Over the years, we have kept in touch and occasionally met-up and traveled together, even though we have been living in different parts of the world for more than 2 decades. Recently, during a Facetime session, I realized that Y.C.L had been seriously injured and having trouble with her legs to the point of lameness. ... Read More >


I hope I don't bore you with the following example of what's possible with Quantum-Touch Level 2 (as if you don't already know). I was so inspired by the results that I had to share this story on my Facebook page last week. While I was in the hospital last week ... Read More >


Myriam Burg, an Instructor in France, requested Yolande van Rosmalen, a Dutch Instructor, to accompany her to Cameroon, Africa to teach Energy Healing (Quantum-Touch and Quantum-Allergy) to a group of 30 doctors, therapists and patients in Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon. ... Read More >


I am a registered nurse whose entire life, (working and otherwise) has completely transformed since learning this tool!! I began by reading the first three chapters of Quantum Touch 2.0, the New Human and then went into work. I work at a local jail and, as the nurse, staff come into my office frequently to get Motrin for pains they may have: headaches, foot pain, back pain, etc... Read More >


For many years, my father endured severe pain caused by a congenital disorder in his spine; a kind of adhesion, resulting in a continuous kind of short circuit causing nerve pain. As a six-year-old, he fell from a tree, breaking his tailbone and as a rugby player he fell on his back after a collision with a big opponent during a match. As long as I can remember, he has suffered from a hernia and back problems... Read More >


For many years, I maintained that long-distance healing is just as effective as hands-on healing. These days, I go a step further, saying: it has the potential to be even more effective and powerful... Read More >


Here is a story from our Quantum-Touch Facebook group page that is incredibly inspiring to me: The Story of Sprocket. "Sprocket was attacked by two Pit Bulls, in our yard Sunday. She was shaken, like a chew toy. Her back legs are not working. Please send her love, light and healing! She is a very sweet, and sensitive soul. She desperately needs help. Thank you!!!" The response to the healing request was amazing... Read More >


Elsa is my friend’s sister who suffered from bone cancer stage IV. Cancer cells were also found around her liver area. The doctor told her family that she would only have five months to live. Elsa appeared to be emotionally strong and very optimistic in front of people yet, somehow, we could tell she was clearly in distress. Physically, she had pain in the areas of cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae... Read More >


Initially, it was through a client in her 30’s that has already had the operation to correct the curvature of her spine, that we heard of a 14-year old young woman and her family.  We had such success with our client’s POST-scoliosis surgery, that she was able to opt out of a second operation for purely cosmetic correction.  It was when she was speaking with this young girl’s mother and heard of their dilemma, that she recommended them to us. Over the past few months, we have significantly shifted ... Read More >


I have been doing Quantum-Touch for about a year now and have seen many amazing things, but the most amazing is the story of an 11-year old girl. Her mother called me after they had just found out that her daughter had a tumor in her spine, in the neck area. She was told that her daughter would need surgery to have the tumor removed. The mother wanted me to see if I could do anything before the surgery. I always trust God's will in these situations and I knew without a doubt, the tumor could be dissolved. That is exactly what I imagined... Read More >


August 8 and 9, I had a level 1 workshop on an animal farm. The owner, who attended the workshop, asked us to do some practice on horses. We paid special attention to a foal, Fuego, that was born blind. Here is testimony that our lovely hostess sent to all participants 10 days after: There have been improvements on my horses... Read More >


Roxy is a lovely 9 year old half-German-Shepard, half-wolf, owned by my friend Amy. Within the past month, she started having urinary tract issues as well as hip issues. When Amy brought Roxy in to see me, and asked her to lay down, she outstretched her front paws in an attempt to lay down, but her hind legs quivered with discomfort and she was unable to lower herself. I began running the energy with her standing. It took a few minutes to earn Roxy's trust to touch her hips. Once the connection was made, Roxy and I became friends for life. As I ran the energy into her hips, she would periodically look back to either kiss my face or my hands. Soon after that, she was able to lay down and stand up. Her stance became more sure, her fur which was matted down in spots seemed to smooth out, and she started stretching her hind quarters a lot. ... Read More >


I am so glad for the opportunity to learn Quantum-Touch, as Mr. Richard Gordon said in his book - The New Human, “We are not really working miracles, we are simply redefining what’s possible.” My name is Dennis, I live in Zigong, countryside in Sichuan, China. The lady in the picture sells vegetables in front of our family owned clinic. She had facial paralysis for 37 years and had tried everything ... Read More >


I have two stories for you. One client wrote: "During my time suffering from depression, I had been seeing a counsellor and doctor for treatment and I felt I was doing well. Counseling had always brought up past issues, which was a great release... Read More >


We hear lots of stories about how we can use Quantum-Touch to help others heal, and as an experienced Level 1, 2 & Self Created Health Instructor, I am often surrounded by living examples of just how wonderful these techniques are. But sometimes the most meaningful stories are ones that happen to yourself. I had such an experience yesterday... Read More >


It all started on my trip to Hong Kong last October. My brother-in-law picked me up from the airport on 16th October, 2014. We had dinner together with my sister that evening. Everything went well. The next morning, I got a call from my sister and she said that my brother-in-law had a stroke and was in the hospital having an operation to stop the bleeding and release blood pressure inside the brain... Read More >


The top of my left foot had been hurting for several weeks. I could tell it was deep inside my foot. I tried to fix it on my own and had no such luck. I went to see Lorrain, Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor. She was barely touching and holding my foot, and almost immediately, we both were hearing popping sounds and I could feel the bones moving... Read More >


In September 2008, my dad, who was getting quite frail at the age of 85, although still mentally sharp, had an abdominal aneurysm. The hospital consultant said, he could either be treated by invasive surgery with minimal likelihood of success and it might leave him in a vegetative state or to let him slip away peacefully. My dad chose the latter option and soon slipped into a comatose state... Read More >


I came off the pill to start trying to get pregnant, but then never ovulated or had periods. After a lot of different drug treatments over nearly 2 years, we ended up on IVF. I fortunately got pregnant quickly and now have a wonderful 18-month-old daughter. After finishing breastfeeding Alannah, I hated the abnormality of never ovulating, so I went to Louise to see... Read More >


I was in an accident when I was 10-years-old and several months later, I began limping from back and leg pain. My body had begun to shift and to be visibly out of alignment. I was diagnosed as having a mental health problem as the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me. After many years of pain and pill popping, chiropractic care and physiotherapy, different kinds of energy work, and 7 babies, I discovered Quantum-Touch. ... Read More >