Quantum-Touch Level II: Amplify the Love

I have discovered that QT II has actually helped me amplify the love that is emitted.

I am getting faster results with my clients and still...amazing, wonderful and miraculous outcomes. I am also able to combine Level I techniques simultaneously with Level II. While energy is flowing from my heart and heart chakra, it is also flowing from my hands, and combined with visualization techniques, it results in consistently bountiful and beautiful energy healing experiences - and my clients feel it too!

From being abuzz with tingling, circulating energy, to literally feeling a sense of warmth in their hearts and soul, all while they are being healed in whatever way they need. I've discovered that "trusting" the energy and not forcing it, yields optimum results. I highly recommend QT Level II, as it complements EVERYTHING else, and is yet another potent piece to this evolving science of 21st century healing. I am grateful every time I use it.

-Neal D. Bogosian
QT Practitioner & QT Level II graduate Rhode Island

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