Cardiologist Uses Quantum-Touch To Help Medical Emergency

As a Cardiologist I was recently summoned to take care of a gentleman having a heart attack. While I was racing through the streets to the hospital, I started using techniques that I had learned in Quantum-Touch classes I had taken with Carol Lee, a QT Instructor, Level 1 and 2 based in Texas. I was focused on getting this man's artery to open up before I got to the hospital.

Once there, I asked the man questions about his pain level at its worst and at the present time. He stated it was an eight at its worst and now was pretty much gone. I checked the heart monitor, but did not see any indication that his artery was open which would be a very good thing for him. We would find out for sure, however, when I completed his cardiac catheterization.

We transported him to the catheterization lab. Everything went smoothly, and I started to take pictures of the artery that was blocked. To my amazement, it was open! It did have a 95% blockage that I opened with a stent. We completed the procedure, and I talked to his wife to let her, and him, know that he was doing great.

Afterward, I was driving home thinking to myself that what just happened was pretty cool. I thanked God for helping me help the patient.

PS: Three days later I rushed to help another patient with the same medical emergency in the same situation using my QT techniques. His artery was open!  You can draw your own conclusion. I have.

Joshua Jacobi, MD

Edited by Barbara Adams,
MSA, QT Practitioner and Instructor, Level 1

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