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Applying The New Human with Quantum-Touch Level II

Dear Jennifer,

I wanted to share my thoughts and notes on Richard Gordon's new book The New Human as well my own experiences with Quantum-Touch Level II.

The New Human

In my view the book is a brilliant piece of writing; congratulations to Richard and the co-authors.  Its clear, mind-provoking and easy to read.  Its comprehensive yet open. Not like: ˜every word conveys the final truth, period.  I like the playful style, leaving plenty of room for discovery and experimentation by the readers.

Obviously I like the content: I love Quantum-Touch Level II. I loved it from day 1, when I attended Richards workshop in New Jersey in 2010.

For me as an instructor the book is very helpful. Even though I like to think I got it all pretty well together in the courses, I will be able to teach with even more confidence now that we have the book as a back-up. The students will be very pleased too. It was often among the first questions in QT workshops:  When will there be a book on QT2?

QT2 is clearly a work in progress.  There are many apps in the book that we dont discuss in the workshops and some of the old exercises have been adapted or skipped.  In my view this is a step forward. The power of heart energy, devoid of trimmings and allowed to shine “ pure radiant heart energy.


In the book the original QT2 meditation has evolved to become a choice of several more simple meditations, based on heart energy. For me personally that works better.

The 33-second manifestation technique is not part of the book.  To me thats good news.  I felt it was like old-fashioned ritualistic magic, in contrast to the core of QT work: the pure ˜magic of love energy.

Energy balls: I love the energy balls (p. 162-3)! I started to play with them straight away. You can use them for anything. It helps to make a rapid and strong connection with people. I allow the balls to come up in my mind as Richard suggests. They have different forms and shapes every time, but are always radiant; sometimes I also hear sounds or music.  I place an intention into the ball or sometimes a positive quality, such as ˜love or ˜love and gratitude or ˜peace of mind.  Then I send it out and picture it in front of a person or several feet over their head. Immediately thereafter it will transform or explode and merge with their energy fields, harmonizing these in the process. Ive done this for myself as well, and found it powerful (even though self-healing is not my forte). Like an aura clearing or a meditation that helps quiet the mind within a matter of seconds.

Auricular QT: This is interesting. I often do work on peoples feet and legs as part of my one-hour sessions. Just offering heart energy intuitively to various parts of each foot can lead to strong releases. Some clients report: That goes all through my body .  In addition, work on feet, legs and knees helps with a persons grounding.

QT1 & QT2: Finally, Q1 & Q2... Page 4 of the book discusses the relationship between these two sets of techniques. The authors explain that QT2 can stand alone, but it can work better when combined with QT1 skills. I fully agree to that! That being said, I ask myself, wouldnt it be a good idea to adjust the QT1 workshops; e.g. make them shorter by skipping particular elements, such as QT1 chakra balancing & distant healing? Many people ask me why they have to attend the QT1 Live course first, if they wish to join Level 2. I always tell them they can learn a lot from Level 1 and it helps to understand the QT philosophy before they set out on the QT2 journey.  This is absolutely true, but its not an altogether satisfying answer.

Some notes on my experiences with QT2: I use QT2 for all my clients, so far around 300 people.  Often they ask after a session: How did you do that?

Most clients come through word-of-mouth.  Susan, who holds a high management position in a government department, is an interesting case. The first time she came to see me, now more than a year ago, she was so pleased with the effect QT had on her, that she started to send her staff to me . Whenever they had debilitating physical or emotional issues, she would tell them: Go see Johanna - you can go during work hours .  Most of her staff members had multiple issues, such as (work-related) stress in addition to a range of physical complaints. Nearly all of them were very amazed and satisfied with the results of QT2 (and in turn sent their friends to me).  After a while Susan said to her staff: Where would all of us be if we didnt have Johanna? We would all be in mental hospital...

Hands on Healing versus Distant Healing: I do a lot of face-to-face healing, but also long-distance healing with clients interstate and overseas, often through Skype. While physical proximity helps clients feel secure, I find that long-distance healing can actually produce even faster results. There are no moments of rest, in which you can let your hands do the kind and loving work; you remain focused and offer powerful heart energy continuously.

The way I see it, distant healing (hands off) has a direct impact on somebodys aura. It affects the physical and emotional layers simultaneously and often also the wider mental and spiritual layers. I see QT distant healing as a fast and extremely powerful tool to clear somebodys aura, while mainly focusing on particular issues.

When I work with clients face-to-face, I use standard sessions of one hour, in which I usually combine hands-on work with distant work. Many of my clients feel stressed.  They wish or expect to lie down and be pampered. So I give them the physical ˜pampering to start with, while using heart energy. This makes them happy. Now they feel relaxed and trust me. This makes it easier to continue the healing session with some ˜wild and outlandish work, i.e. 5 to 15 minutes of distant healing while they are standing or sitting. Nearly all feel incredulous at the results of this distant healing work. Any residues of pain or discomfort usually clear in a matter of seconds or minutes. If they feel sleepy, as often happens after the treatment on the massage table, I send heart energy first to their entire energy field and then to their feet. Within no time they feel clear and awake.

Depression: From my experience, QT doesnt seem to do much initially for persons who are severely depressed. Usually its only after three or four sessions that they start to feel a noticeable shift. Some start to sleep better; others feel a lot better much of the time. Ive had several clients comment that a few weeks or months of QT have done more for them than many years of therapy.

House clearing: Now and again I do house clearings (in real life or through virtual means) using QT2. It works a treat! I usually bring some nice incense along because not everybody is confident when I do a clearing without any paraphernalia or ritual, but, of course, I can easily do without.  Pure heart energy does the job perfectly well.

Healing demonstrations/ sessions in a cancer institute: Late November 2012 I was in Jakarta for a QT2 workshop. Two days prior to the workshop I went to see  Dr. Santo, who had attended my QT2 workshop in Bali several months ago. Dr. Santo is an interesting man. He works as an urologist in a cancer institute in Jakarta and he is also a passionate QT instructor. In addition he runs a meditation group that convenes on a regular basis in a meeting room in the cancer institute. The meditation group consists of cancer patients and survivors. Dr. Santo wanted me to meet the group, usually about 30 persons. Much to my surprise, some 60 people turned up. Some patients were accompanied by their physicians. After I had offered some 5 minutes of healing to a very distressed lady, many others wanted to give it a try. I did QT2 sessions of in between 3 and 10 minutes for a seemingly never-ending queue of people. Many of these people then wished to sign up for Dr. Santos QT1 course.  (Unfortunately this didnt manifest as the price proved prohibitive. Now it has been reduced a bit; hopefully that helps.)

Johanna van Reenen
Quantum-Touch Certified Practitioner & Level I & Level II Instructor

2.0: The New Human

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