Techniques for Becoming a Spiritual Warrior

A spiritual warrior is one who walks in harmony with the divine power of the universe, leading from the heart and illuminating the shadow on our return journey to universal oneness. Yet so many of us have energetic blockages and shadow material that keep us from living our creative and psychic potential. By learning how to tune in to cosmic forces, we can harness universal energy for the Great Work of powerful life transformations, personal abundance, thriving health, and spiritual evolution.

Bioenergetic Healing Demystified: Techniques for Becoming a Spiritual Warrior

June 27st - July 31st:  Evolver 5-Session Training Webinar

  • Acquire valuable energy healing techniques to apply on yourself and your loved ones. 
  • Focus and amplify your love to use astonishing human healing abilities that mainstream science considers impossible.
  • Follow a map provided by the chakra system toward the manifestation of your dreams.

Direct your subtle energies to see and move energy via your clairvoyance or psychic sight and to cleanse and bolster your energetic boundaries.

Founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon

was featured as a guest! 

On The June 27th Show! 

Also featuring: Talat Jonathan Phillips, Cyndi Dale, Anodea Judith, and Leslie Berman.

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